You should write a blog they said…….

 Image result for annoying girlfriend"look at this"

After months of annoying my friends and family with “look at this” and pointing my phone in their face I’ve finally given in to writing a blog and actually believing that someone may actually like that same things I do!

I’ve been very fortunate this Christmas to receive my new laptop which I am writing to you on now. The TOSHIBA Satellite was the perfect laptop for me, not only is it user friendly but its is BEAUTIFUL too. I have plenty of storage for my new blog and ideas and dare I say I’m actually liking Windows 10 too. For anyone looking to buy their girlfriend or daughter a laptop I thoroughly recommend.

TOSHIBA Satellite L50-C-1GX 15.6" Laptop - White

The laptop was a surprise present! What I actually asked for was a camera of “some sort”. I mean “some sort” because I’m not great with technology and so wanted something I could just click and point. I’m really into my make up at the moment so wanted something that would pick up small details and something for outdoors too! But no…. my boyfriend had a different idea and decided to go for the Nikon D3300. I’m not complaining at the moment but my pictures should improve over time once I’ve actually learnt how to use anything other then the “auto” mode.

d3300 01 01 - You should write a blog they said.......


Forgot to mention my TomTom I also got from my brother…. thank god I can just stick that on my window and go right……….??????

Hope you enjoyed seeing my new pressies! No doubt ill be wasting my money on pointless things over the sales period but what the hell its reduced right?? lol Gx



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