The ever changing face of Newcastle’s bar and clubs

After my afternoon/night out for cocktails with my boyfriend on Saturday I felt I should write a small note on my thoughts about modern day bars and clubs in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It’s good to see that after the recession people are starting to spend their well earned money on nights out which is what Newcastle is all about!



Firstly, I mentioned clubs but the sad fact is that most of them have been closed now, remember the days of Blue Bamboo and Legends. Most clubs have been revamped and we’ve become the city of bars and restaurants (or maybe I’m just getting old!)

Newcastle is catching up with the southern cities and popping up new restaurants and bars everywhere. . Although there are not many clubs there are some amazing places to eat and drink now and lots of investment being spent in Newcastle City centre it makes me proud to tell people about my city and the friendly people we have here. Newcastle’s not all that bad!

On Saturday I visited some of my favourite bars including Bierrex, Brown’s, Fitzgeralds and Harry’s bar to name a few. Its difficult to go to all bars considering there are so many but there are bars to suit all. Some of my favourite old bars in Newcastle include the The Bridge Hotel, Crown Posada and The Old George.  Not to mention the quayside that has recently excelled itself with its new bars including Livello, Bridge Tavern and the newest addition Aveika. I’m yet to visit but so excited to try this place it looks stunning.


I’m excited to try more new places and see what further plans Newcastle has to give. What are your favourite bars in Newcastle???? Would love to hear some good recommendations! Gx



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