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Liquid Foundations: Tried and Tested

There are so many liquid foundations out there and some certainly are not cheap! My advice would be to always ask the ladies on the counter for a sample as you really need to see how the foundation takes to your skin over a 24 hour period at least! That way you won’t waste your hard earned cash on a useless foundation that has pretty packaging!

Here are a few of my tried as tested liquid foundations……

Liquid Foundations

1.Giorgio Armani: Luminous Silk Foundation

This foundation comes In a great variety of colours and I was colour matched perfectly.
It is very water based and a little goes a long way. I thought at first because it was very watery, that the coverage would be naff but I was very wrong. This foundation blends beautifully leaving an airbrushed, dewy and glowy finish. It is medium coverage and hides my rosacea and is great for strobing with its luminous effect it leaves on the skin. The packaging is lovely too, it comes with the pump and stops wastage. This product is at the high price end at roughly £36 but one of my fave which I will buy time and time again. Not too cakey and leaves for skin feeling silky, fresh and soft.

2. Estee Lauder: Double Wear

This is the holy grail of all foundations for full coverage. I can’t believe I’ve only just got my hands on it and I can honestly say it lives up to the hype! Again the range of colours is great. I wear this for work, the gym, shopping, it stays on all day. I always use a primer but with this foundation, you don’t really need one or powder. It has a matte finish which I prefer however I’m sure you could mix with a highlighter to get a more dewy finish. It dries very quickly so I find myself having to apply super quick but It blends easily enough which helps. The packaging lets it down as it would be great with a pump. Again the price is high end at about £30. I picked this up at the York Outlets for a discounted price so shop around you may get it cheaper. I would buy this full price I honestly have never tried anything like this!

3. MAC: Studio Fix Fluid

MAC liquid foundations
Until last year this was one of my go-to liquid foundations and I wore it every day. As mentioned before I wear a primer under my foundation but this still doesn’t help with this foundation. Over time this dried my skin out really badly! I do not recommend this foundation for everyday use or for those with dry/sensitive skin. The only way I can describe this foundation (after exploring others) is like face paint! I was colour matched for this foundation yet every month I felt the colour changes and doesn’t blend very well and looks very cakey! Yes, it comes at a good price for a high-end foundation but maybe use it once a month at that!
Packaging is nice enough but again it doesn’t come with a pump, well…it does but you have to buy it!

4. Inglot: HD Foundation

This liquid foundation is growing on me. I picked this up in Poland for a very reasonable price at 33 Euro. I was colour matched for this and matched very well. The packaging reminds me of MAC, however, the product is nothing alike (and comes with a pump). This is a thick foundation and at first, I applied with a real technique foundation brush and found it very hard to blend and very cakey. However, the coverage was great so gave it another go with a beauty blender and it was the whole new foundation. Not cakey at all, matt finish and great coverage. I’m glad I picked some other Inglot products up I think this brand has some exciting things to offer!
I also have a bunch of another high street (drug store) foundations so stay tuned for a review on those! Gx


  1. Lindsay
    30/01/2016 / 3:35 pm

    Hey Gemma, it’s Lindsay. Thank you for posting this. The amount I’ve wasted over the year’s on trying new foundations is obscene. I always used to wear Revlon 12hr and not sure why I moved away from that. Last year I bought some Clarins foundation as I love their skin care but it wasn’t for me. I think I’ll go ask for a sample of the Double Wear as it sounds right up my street. Hope you’re keeping well. You look fabulous xx

    • 30/01/2016 / 5:30 pm

      I’m so glad you found it useful. Yes Deffo do ask so they can colour match yoy. Hope you enjoy it. Let me how you get on with it. Think I’ll give the revlon one a go you can never have too many lol xx

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