New Hair Day: Hair Trends for 2016

So I finally got my hair done since November.

Before you call me a tramp let me explain!

I’ve pretty much had every hair colour going but had blonde hair for a loooong time. So long that it KILLED my hair and I needed something done drastically so I didn’t have to get the chop. I’ve took the plunge and went for a different colour which I was nervous about because I have a red complexion but I’m so pleased with the results.

2016-01-20 15.46.16

At the minute I’m rocking a ginger/copper/brown look and I love it. I’ve letting my hair repair itself so trying to now straighten it as much.

It seems 2016  is set for:

  • Ronze” : The new Bronde with a mixture of coppers and brown.
  • Bronde“: Still in….
  • Dip Die“: I cant believe this has made a come back and it actually cool again!
  • Pink Hair“…. “Purple Hair“…pick a bright colour and go with it while you can…! I miss my pink hair!
  • Ombre“: I think this is gonna stay around for a long time but were seeing a transition from Ombre to soft gentle highlights to add texture to the hair which is more subtle then Ombre
  • For me, I’m sticking to this colour whilst my hair takes its time to get rid of the damage the bleach did then will probably try something different come the winter! Gx


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