Make Up Baking: Whats the big deal???


Contouring is becoming a thing of the past and were seeing more and more make up artists using the baking and strobing technique so I decided to give it a go!

So……what is “Baking” and why do it????

“Baking” aims to brighten your under eyes and help your make up last for longer by allowing it to “cook”….sounds good right… here’s my HOW TO and how it went for me!

What you will need:

  • 2 x Concealer
  • Loose powder (preferably matt)
  • Beauty Blender
  • Large brush

Step 1: Apply concealer

(firstly apply for foundation and nothing else)

For this stage I would use a light concealer, I use Maybelline: Fit Me concealer.  Apply this around the under eye and above the cheekbone and blend using the beauty blender.


Step 2: Apply MORE concealer

This time apply a thicker concealer on top the previous concealer and blend again. For this stage I use Nars: Radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla.

Step 3: Apply powder

At this stage take your sponge and dampen it so its not too wet. Then dip that into you powder and apply in the same place as before over the top of you concealer.  I use the contour powder palette from Morphe for this stage.


Step 4: Lets start “cooking”!

This stage is where you do completely nothing! Set your power for about 10-20 mins allowing it to set over your concealer.

Step 5: Final stage!

After you have finished your make up take your brush and gently dust off the loose powder for the finished product!



There you go guys! I do like this technique if you have time which is the only problem. Its great for a night time look, for me its too heavy for a day time. Hope this helps guys! Gx












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