Feeling Blue??? Make up trend Spring/Summer 2016

Blue is Back Ladies!

One of the hottest trends set for 2016 is blue make up but not as we know it. Forget about the 80’s make up your thinking of, think blue lips, bold blue eyeliners, metallic and soft blue pastel shades.

Fresh off the catwalk we’ve seen blue make up everywhere from Chanel to Hugo Boss. MAC is embracing bold colours for NYFW and the trend is only gonna get bigger on the high street in time for summer. Personally I’m so excited about the prospect of being able to experiment with bold colours and not look silly.

2016-02-12 17.47.35.jpg

There are so many looks to choose from but whichever you choose make sure you wear it with a natural looking skin or you will end up looking like your on “Top of the Pops”.

For a more natural look try sweeping a light blue shade over your eyelids or try smoking it out underneath with a natural lids and a blue in your waterline. For a more dramatic look you could try a bold blue winged thick eyeliner. Or like me try a navy blue glitter shadow over your lid for a Smokey eye dramatic look, great for a night out!

For a day time look you can see of the left I’ve used a light shade of blue with fluffly lashes and for the night time look I’ve used a darker shade with glitter and fuller volume lashes to create a more dramatic look.

I mentioned before I bought my shadows from MAC but there are so many choices out there. If your on a budget or just trying out make up why not pick up a pallate full of different colours to experiment with. I’d recommend Sleek makeup or Make up revolution from superdrug, great addition to your make up kits!













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