Who doesnt love something for free!

Hey Guys!

I’m sure you’ve all done this before. Last week I got paid…walked into Boots store and left with no money. Ha! BUT I did get a free Dior makeover and some free testers so cant complain.

I’ve mentioned on my previous post about asking for samples and it really is a MUST if your going to spend a large amount on a foundation for example.

DSC_0078 (1).JPG

Dior have just re-launched its most popular foundation but this time has more skincare products and more of a matt finish. Because of this Boots were giving out samples and applying the make up to customers. I got a lovely lady who allowed me to try other products and pretty much done my full make up!

I also picked up a sample of the New YSL foundation which is a dewy finish…ill do a review on these soon and feed back if I think there worth it or not as they do average £30 per foundation.

I also splurged on 3 for 2 products (kicking myself that I fell for the and spent more money…but I have more make up now yey….)


I picked up the L’Oréal Studio Secrets Primer, this product has so many good ratings I couldn’t resist picking it up. You can use this on its own for a smooth finish or under make up.

 I wanted to give L’Oréal a chance to win me over with their new range of lipstick/lipgloss so picked up Infallible Mega Gloss with Matt finish in shade 405. I love how vibrant the shades are.

I am constantly trying to get the perfect brows and failing miserably…so I decided to try every affordable drugstore product to try and master them lol! I picked up Brow drama in medium brown by Maybelline. This is a sculpting brow mascara is designed to give your brows a more sleek and sculptured look. We will have to see I guess…..


The last few products I Picked up was also the Brow Satin by Maybelline. This is a gel pen at one end then a cream powder at the other aimed to give the look of natural looking brows.  If you go to http://www.maybelline.co.uk/ they have videos to show you how to apply the products which is a bonus!

Now I’m becoming more confident with blusher I decided to try out a new one by L’Oréal. I got the True Match Blush. I LOVE the packaging on this product its so cute and comes with a brush. It’s ideal to put in your bag for day to day make up so your don’t have to carry your brushes around with you!


Last but not least, apart from trying new products I’m also trying to grow the perfect make up kit and pick up products for all skin types. I’ve seen so many MUA have Maybelline Matt Maker powder  so picked up in a natural shade. I will give this a go on myself before I put it on anyone else just in case but I’m excited to try this!

I’ll feed back to you guys once I’ve tried and tested, I always like to try them a few times so I can give the best reviews! Gx










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