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Morphe Brushes: Review

Hi Y’all

I’ve been so excited to talk about Morphe Brushes make up. I’ve had it a while and I never get bored of it! I have the brushes,  pressed contour palette and a pro make up palette which I’m about to let you in on.

I use my brushes every day they are amazing. At first I was sceptical about ordering as they were so cheap I thought it had to be a bit naff but I was so wrong. I think of Morphe Brushes as a cheaper MAC. You can see my brushes on my Instagram page and I’ve just ordered a few more so I’ll post about those once there delivered! Eeeek …cant wait for the post!


So the first Palette I bought was the 350. The great thing about this is not only the range of shades but there is a combination of glitter and matt pigments. The palette has brown and orange tones and is AMAZING! This is my favourite out of all the eyeshadows I own. I’ve just purchased another one as well as more brushes which are on there way. The pigments are brilliant! Really easy to blend and apply and the colours are very rich. They don’t have almost any fall out and last all day, especially on top of a primer.


The packaging is very basic however I think it looks more professional, there is no added bulk which makes it compact, especially if your a mobile MUA. I’ve swatched each row starting from the top left to right to show you to different tones of the shadows.

Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4


Row 5


I apologise in advance about the arm hair! Its really NOT that dark in real life but its my mega good camera which takes extremely close photos and doesn’t do my any favours lol!

The palette cost roughly £20 and you can buy it directly off their website or on Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay however as its USA based company the British sites only have a limited selection where as the main website has the whole lot!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you’ve had other things for me to try out!









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