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Holiday Wardrobe Essentials: Plus Size Guide

Ola! So I’ve just returned back from the sunny isle of Tenerife and I’m still in the holiday spirit. If you’ve been keeping up on my instagram you can see a few of my snaps from my holiday and outfits.

I posted a while back about my struggles being Petite and Plus Size and this effects me even more while on holiday. Trying to find a maxi dress I don’t have to take up is impossible and don’t even get me started on a bikini! I’m sure theres many girls like me out there who find it difficult to try and stay confident being a “bigger” lady. I always struggle each year to find outfits and clothes for holidays so wanted to share some of my fave and most comfortable clothes for going away.



Matalan: Cross Front Leaf Print Tunic 

Cost: £12.00

This kaftan was just the right length for me and kept me cool. Did I mention how bloody it hot it was! The pattern design makes its flattering and hides any bigger part of your body you may feel uncomfortable with. I love the lace up front which is bang on trend at the moment and it has a large key hole cut out on the back to also keep you cool. For only £12.00 this is an absolute bargain!

Accessorize: Trapeze Beach Dress

Cost: £17.50

I picked this up in the sale and to be honest had never before now purchased anything other then earings from Accessorize. Thier range of summer clothes are so beautiful however overall I find they are a little expensive. I thought I’d have a gander through the sale and came across ths little gem of a dress!

The style of trapeze is perfect for plus size ladies as it fits nicely around the shoulders yet provides a nice cover for the mid area. The material is a cloth like texture and perfect to throw on over your swimwear. Or you can pair it with a nice pair of heels and you have yourself a evening summer dress!

H&M: Off the shoulder blouse

Cost: £15.00 (approx) 

An off the shoulder top is a must have this summer. I love this bright pattern and H&M have many products with the same pattern. Unfortunatly I could not find the link to the top however you can still buy the dress online. The material is satin and very cooling again. This pattern feels very oriental which is a trend making it’s way back to the high street this year so you cannot go wrong with this top!

I paired this top with some tailored black shorts from New look of which you cannot buy online anymore!!! You can buy them in the tall range but i’m not gonna post the link to that. I bought them in the normal range and you cannot go wrong with a little black pair of shorts. These have a fabric belt and are perfect for a sophistocated short.

Cost: £17.00 (approx)

New Look: White Leopard Print Bardot Neck Top


Cost: £14.99

I paired this top with black leggings and black shorts. Every girls needs a little leopard print in thier wardrobe and it never ever dates! It’s my guilty pleasure and this top is just the right amount that not too overbearing. Good price too and again on trend.

I’ve posted the link for most of the holiday products above if you would like to buy. 

As a footnote I’d like to mention that I had a bit of a step back with my blogging and lost a bit of confidence and direction. I’m feeling much better now and gonna try and keep it real and get on top of things that are on my mind and vocalise things as I’ve come to realsie that this is normal for women to feel this way and we need to support one another in our journeys.

I’ll be back soon with some of my goodies I picked up while I was away! I’ll have loads of time to log now that im SKINT!!!!! haha








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