My First Video Log: New High End Make Up Haul

Well Hello there!

I am in a mega good mood right now although I stayed awake allllll night to publish my first YouTube video!!!!!!

First blog photo.jpg

As much as I’m mega excited it’s finally uploaded and ready for y’all to watch, I really want to take this opportunity to share my experience with you in case your thinking of making your first video too!

Where do I start????

If your anything like me then I was really nervous and could hardly watch myself back when looking at my recording. I made one video back in May and overthought it so much that I put myself off uploading it. I found myself pulling myself apart and over analysing everything…I look fat, my make up isn’t right, I have a lisp, I’m Ugly, they wont like me…..everything goes through your head so much so I nearly didn’t film a new video.

I was open to my friends about how I felt and they gave me the confidence to film another one. This time I knew what NOT to do. I quickly edited my video and posted it so I couldn’t go back…… So that’s a big tip from me LOL.

I know I’m no expert and have only made 1 video but a few tips I’ve learnt from my mistakes are below:

  • Prepare your products before you start filming and write a list or comments on what your going to talk about
  • Research prices and or places you can buy them from
  • Get a good neutral background
  • Make sure you have equipment/TV/computer screen so you can see yourself while filming trust me its worth it
  • Lighting: Make sure you have enough natural lighting of artificial lighting


So now I have that off my chest please go and check out my new vlog. I’ve recently been on holiday and bought a few high end make up products and wanted to bring you a video to show you just how passionate I am about them…considering how much I spent on them I need to be passionate!!!!

YouTube: GemmasLittleWorld


Anyway…check my out and let me know what you think guys!  Thanks






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