Charlotte Tilbury: First Impressions

Charlotte Tilbury: First Impressions

Charlotte Tilbury…Coming to a store near you!!!!!

It’s safe to say that 2016 saw the take over of the gold and glamourous Charlotte Tilbury make up counters in stores across the UK, But whats the hype all about??

I decided to get a makeover for my friend’s wedding and took the opportunity to test some of the products and learn more about the brand were all excited about.


I visited the Branch in Fenwicks Newcastle and the customer service was lovely from the lady who was doing my make up. She was open to questions and remembered all of her training. The one disappointing thing concerning staff was that she asked a few other team members for certain products and they seemed a bit stand off-ish.

I learnt that Charlotte Tilbury has 10 red carpet looks to choose from:


I fully support Charlotte’s vision of making every woman a beautiful version of themselves however I feel that Charlotte could explore more looks. Genius really when you think about it how she made her millions from 10 simple glamour looks!

Not only has she streamlined her products but also makes it so much easier for the staff to learn 10 looks and deliver in their makeovers.


I went for a mixture of looks to suit my skin tone and get the wedding look I was after.

My skin was primed with Charlotte’s magic cream. This cream comes in 50 m tub and has a SPF 15. The cost of the cream comes in at £70.00. When applying this cream felt nice and light on my skin and a little oily. To be honest with this product I would either expect more of the product or at least a higher SPF. As the day went on I felt that my ski was getting more and more oily and the cream was melting almost on my face. I have dry/combination skin and this certainly did not suit my skin.

For the foundation she used the Magic Foundation . A number 1 best-selling foundation in the UK this foundation is highly rated. The range of tones they cover is great and I’m impressed with the skin care ingredients this has in it. It’s truly a foundation for all ages and rates itself for being really “easy to slide on”. For me that was what ruined it. Again throughout the day, not sure if it was the cream or the foundation but either or, it slid right of my face by late afternoon and by the end of the day I had virtually no foundation left on my cheeks. That’s not to say it’s not for everyone. Again with a SPF 15 and the ingredients going into this, it certainly pans out for a high rating foundation so I would give this a go if you haven’t already and decide for yourself. The foundation is £29.50 which for me is not too much of a high price to pay if a foundation is right for you.

We used the “Dolce Vita” eyeshadow palette to create a lightly Smokey look but I was not impressed with the pay off at all. The look that she created was lovely however the colours are not very pigmented and the price at £38.00 for 4 shadows is way too much in my opinion.

So, to finish on a high note. On the lips we used Lip Cheat “Pillowtalk” and OH MY GOD!!! This is the holy grail of lip liners, the best lip liner for me to create a natural look and enhance the size of my lips. I was so impressed with this and used the money on the makeover to redeem this product. A little pricey at £16.00 for a lip liner but I promise you, you will love this! I have also tested the lipsticks for a tester from my friends and the textures are very soft and smooth and apply very easily. They also do last for a while thought not as impressive as some others I have tried but still very nice.

Overall…Like any brand Charlotte Tilbury has its good products and not so good. I think I’ll only be returning for the Pillowtalk as I think the majority of the products are overpriced and not as good for my skin tone.







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