Zoeva: Make Up Brushes Review

Zoeva: Make Up Brushes Review

I’ve been waiting so long to get my hands on some brushes from Zoeva. I stumbled across this lovely gift set whilst in Germany and couldn’t resist!



It wasn’t until I was doing some research on the brand that I realised the brand was actually German…So I don’t know why I was so surprised to find them there haha! Silly me.

I picked up this gift set in Douglas and it is a set that Zoeva have collaborated with Douglas.


There were other brushes in the store available as individuals however this packaging won me over. It’s so beautiful.

The package is the 4 piece brush set and comes with the clutch. The clutch is great for travelling and can fit way more than 4 brushes in for future purposes.

In the pack they have the 317 wing liner brush, 228 Luxe crease and 227 Luxe soft definer and then the 128 cream cheek brush. All with brush guards too!

The brushes are synthetic hair which is why I suppose they are not too expensive however the quality is great. totally living up to its expectations. They are soft and the 2 blending brushes for your crease are to die for! Very similar to Morphe Brushes if you ere looking for a comparison.



Such a shame they don’t sell them in stores in the UK as they’d sell out quick! You can however get them directly from their website or from BeautyBay.com where they also sell other products. Speaking of them has anyone tried their eyeshadow palettes???



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