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ELLEfluence: Benefit Eldon Square Event

This event will go down in history as the week I got the best brows EVER!

Sounds a little extreme but people have not stopped commenting on my brows since I got them done.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the lovely event hosted by the gorgeous Laura Dawson of ELLEfluence at Benefit in Debenhams, Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I was nervous at first meeting everyone again but was greeted by a warm welcome of pizza and champagne and Laura’s lovely Smile!


Don’t scream at me whilst reading this but this is the first time I’ve ever been to Benefit for myself. I’ve only ever bought other people products for Christmas and the packaging has always been inviting.

On this event we were split into groups and shown some of the products. In my group I had the beautiful girls: Geordie Kiss, Lucy from Girl on Trend, Lorna Vazraghi MUA and Mimi Tambi ( Who for some CRAZY reason I let film me going through torture)

I was also given the chance to get the whole works done! Yes he whole works…..eyebrows, lip and chin wax. When I climbed up on the seat I’m not gonna lie I was so nervous about the lip and chin wax, I’ve never had that done before. The lovely Emily did my waxing and was great! The wax is Benefits own ingredients and is made of Honey which leaves your skin feeling super smooth after.

The wax itself was actually refreshing! hahaha, it felt great, my skin felt as sooth as ever and not to mention it make your lips appear bigger once the hair is removed. I was a little worried about the hair growing back faster and thinker but apparently with a wax it should come in lighter. As far as a lip and chin wax goes its a big fat YES from me!

She then went on to my brows and I got to choose from a few different colours depending on my preference. She aligned them to get the perfect arch and waxed away. she plucked a few stragglers and up until that point it wasn’t anything I had had anywhere else before until I saw the results.

THE RESULTS!!!! ok, so for 10 years now, no one has ever been able to get my arch so bloody high! I love love love them. my brows add so much more shape to my face and really increased my confidence.

Another thing to add and what sets Benefit apart from other brow services are that they will make sure you leave looking as pretty as you did going out. they will re apply your make up and make sure you don’t leave with two massive swollen, red brows. How very nice of them!

For the whole package it’s roughly £30 and they recommend to go every 4 weeks. I however feel that is a little pricey being totally honest. For me it was very much a “treat” however I would pay for this service once every 6-8 weeks given I’m thrilled with the results.

Moving on…the “make up”. We were shown several different products for the brows and all of the xmas  specials they are selling. All boxed gift sets they sell are bargains compared to buying them separately so its a steal if they are you regular products you buy anyway.

We were shows the “hoola” bronzer and blush palette and the eyeshadow palette. I’m not a fan of the eyeshadows however the lady showing us them did advise that benefit are creating some new products to bring them up to speed with other brands in terms of pigmentation.

We were given a beautiful goodie box to send us off after a busy 2 hours. We got a brow conditioner and rollerlash mascara. The box was sooo pretty. We were also given a free tint on our next visit which you can get too!

If you visit the benefits stores for our brows they have a app you can download and on each visit you get a free service including a tint and the full works so get downloading!




  1. 01/12/2016 / 12:15 am

    IT was lovely meeting you. In regards of waxing I don’t think the hair grows back thiner with me it seems to longer to grow back. Then again it depends on your hair I have thick black hair thats deep routed. Lol. Great post.

    • 01/12/2016 / 7:52 pm

      Yes you too! Oh I see, its just the lady told me that but I have fine light hair. My brows are still amazing, hardly grew back at all. I want it to stay like this forever! lol X

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