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RUB Newcastle: ELLEfluence blogging event

Last week I broke my blogging virginity and joined the NE blogging network in the cocktail making class at the new RUB Newcastle restaurant.

I’ve never been so nervous I all my life, looking back its hilarious because the girls were so lovely.

I joined Katie from @ladyfromatramp, Vicky from @_describethesky, Steph from @stephfox1, and Debbie Sharratt (AKA The Scribe).

On arrival we were handed a pretty green cocktail and I knew from then the night was gonna be AWESOME!


Photo Credit: Laura Pearman

RUB Smokehouse and Bar in Newcastle is one of three branches across the UK. Famous for its food challenges RUBncl offers a vast collection of cocktails along with some of the finest BBQ food and taste of the American south.

We were showcased some of the most popular cocktails on the menu by the infamous Joe who has specially designed the cocktails (All 26 of them). Joe showed us how to make the special brews whilst our team scribe Debbie and with theĀ help of Steph took notes. We were then left to our own devices to re-create our own and the best one won! Needless to say it was the taking part that counted hahah, we came third!


Half way through we were treat to sliders, nachos and sausages which is part of the bar menu. RUB also have their restaurant menu with so much more choice where you can pick which part of the animal you want! Not for vegetarians lol.

The food was DELICIOUS!


Joe also took the time to tell us about his Disco inspiration behind his cocktails and also introduced us to the specialist beers they have made in a brewery in Glasgow.

During the event we were given SWEET or SALTY dares to make the night even more exciting! some people got shots, mine was a slightly more sweet and was to share the love with a fellow blogger. Afterwards we were left to our own devices with the opportunity to create our very own cocktail! We made two!!! Two rubbish ones apparently but making them was all part of the fun.


When the night came to an end it was safe to say I was slightly tipsy but also overjoyed by the warm welcoming I received from Laura and the ELLEfluence gang and all the NEbloggers and cant wait to attend more events with them all.

20161121_181129 I’ll definitely be recommending RUB Newcastle to my friends and be going back for the 2 for 1 cocktails!



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