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Am I a PLUS size fraud?

Am I a PLUS size fraud?

If you guys have been following me, you may have seen my previous post “petite and plus size”.

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That was when I had the confidence to speak out about how clothes made me feel and started on my plus size journey.

I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed lately and it’s been making me feel a bit anxious. A bit like a fraud!

As many of you will know we are never the size clothes in every shop. In the past I would go into town and try before I buy but times have changed and there are so many online retailers that we simply don’t have to walk around and get all sweaty and frustrated when trying on clothes and have more time for DRINKS!!! wohooo.

No, Seriously though.

I am THRILLED that the UK fashion industry have finally jumped on board even more so since my last post last year. Today we see the first ever plus size woman on the front cover of Vogue as well as this week launched the InTheStyle plus size range CURVE. So we are defiantly heading in the right direction.

For me though, I am still struggling. I’ve purchased from many websites such as Bohoo.com and Missguided thinking that I must buy from the Plus size range because I’m at least a size 16, however each and every time I get a delivery I’m having to send them back.

I find the majority of plus size ranged are made for tall plus size woman and there is still not enough variation in heights. I’ve had to return so many things and try the standard largest size they have which 9/10 is too small.

Can brands no see that there are more to woman’s sizes and we don’t all fit into a box! ASOS have launched their “petite and maternity range” so they must be close by now or at recognising that woman are all different shapes and sizes.

HENCE, why I feel a fraud commenting on being plus size. Which leads me to ask the question, what is plus size? Am I really a plus size fraud? Surely there are more woman out there who feel the same? and why are people still not recognising this???

Oh well, Back to the high street it is……



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