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Zapatista: Newcastle’s First Burrito Bar

Zapatista opened its doors in Newcastle with its store on Ridley Street. Ideally located in the city centre, the branch offers Mexican inspired food and Burritos to sit in or take out. Following its success It’s recently added another city centre branch on Grainger Street. This branch is bigger and better branch with a brand new menu for after 5pm and a excellent array of cocktails

Katie Meehan and manager Chris invited us NE Bloggers to come along and taste their new Menu.

DSC 0584 1440x960 - Zapatista: Newcastle's First Burrito Bar

The branch is over 3 floors, an ideal location for a quick bite to eat, drinks or a sit down meal. The menu gives a great mix of Mexican street food and its not just all burrito’s. The menu has been made with the idea of complimenting the main dish with a perfect side and matching spices that compliment each other.

The menu has a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. I even tried the veggie dishes and they were delicious. If your not a fan of spice do not worry! Chris was explaining to me how he matches the spices so they are not too overwhelming and you can taste the flavours and he’s done a brilliant job!

I loved the Calamari! Its beautifully light and made with panko breadcrumbs. A Japanese style of batter and its lovely.


DSC 0598 1440x960 - Zapatista: Newcastle's First Burrito BarWe were given a selection of drinks throughout the night and were also offered the chance to pick what we wanted to try. It was after a few cocktails I realised their selection consisted of tequila cocktails and daiquiri’s. The Rose daiquiri is to die for!

DSC 0609 1440x960 - Zapatista: Newcastle's First Burrito Bar

I was mega surprised with the costs. Dishes range from £4 to £6 a dish and there is plenty to eat and buy..but leave room for cocktails!

rI will definitely be going here for drinks while I’m out in the central station area, I’m excited to see new bars and restaurants opening in this end of town!

The event went so well, the staff were lovely and attentive and gave us so much food I’m still full now! Without a doubt I’ll be revisiting and posting more cocktail poses on my Instagram for you all to see!



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