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The Body Shop: My Top Picks

The Body Shop: My Top Picks

The Body Shop has been around for years….and it’s been years that we’ve been in to be honest.

DSC 0615 1440x960 - The Body Shop: My Top Picks

I was shocked to see all of the wonderful new products they have including the make up range! My first top pick has to be the new Matt Lipsticks.

We were greeted by Clare Dunnill at the Darlington branch and she was adorable. She introduced us to the new Christmas range and all of the fabulous 3 for 2 offers.

We were shown different section by staff. I am soo impressed with some of their make up. The matt lipsticks are AMAZING! they do not dry your lips…I mean..at all! I had some lipstick applied and leave 30 min later it felt like I had lip balm on. I have no idea how they do it! They also have wonderful new brushes which are vegan free and come in gift sets!


I spent a lot of time looking at the skincare section..I LOVE skincare. The Body Shop have launched new facemasks and most apart from 1 are also vegan. I tried some of the infamous Wonderbalm primer and have took a tester to see how it goes with my dry skin. I tested it on my hand and the results were great, so this is my second Top Pick!

I loved seeing the old school bubble bath/shower gel in satsuma and strawberry many other smells.

We were given complimentary hand massages using the new spa range which has just been added to the 3 for 2. On gift sets only be quick there selling fast. I picked up some massage oil, Thai lemongrass oil with eucalyptus. It lovely and can be use to clear the chest also. Its been a while I’ve found such a great oil and this has made my 3rd Top pick!

Last but not least The Body Shop has launched candles in amongst their Christmas shop and I fell in love with their “spiced apple” candle. I’ve got it lit now and it smells very christmasy!

I loved this event it was small and intimate and the staff were lovely. My first FABB events and hopefully not the last! I was lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers Ruth, Jodie, Grace and Sarah.

DSC 0639 1440x960 - The Body Shop: My Top Picks


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