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Urban Decay: XX Vice LTD Reloaded

Ok Guys and Gals!

This is the final thing I bought for Black Friday and have waited to so long to show you this beauty!

This is the first time I’ve bought any Urban Decay before but it was a sale and this is a beauty so whyyyyy not!

The palette is so beautiful! It contains 20 shades, some old, some new!

The packaging, OMG is sooo nice, its a good size palette you could take it with you if you were going away. The thing I LOVE about the packaging is the huge mirror it has inside. I’ve got soo many palettes that don’t have a mirror and its so annoying. It also has a brush, one side flat and one for buffing. This is genius… I hate getting a palette with sponge brushes…WHO USES THEM ANYMORE!

Lets talk eyeshadows!

You get a great combination of colours both neutrals and darks. There are a combination of glitter, shimmer and matte shadows. I love them all, all of them are as pigmented as each other and the pay off is fab! Urban Decay is great for glitters and this palette does not disappoint.

My favourite shadow has to be “Oil Slick”…no “midnight cowboy” …oh god there’s too many

I got this for 30% discount in the black Friday sales however it £43 full price online so I deffo got a bargain!

I cant wait to create some new looks with this and see all of your wonderful selfie for inspiration!




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