Oenolia: Creme De Jour

Oenolia: Creme De Jour

Oenolia:Who are they and what do they do?

That was my first question too….. My friend received this as a gift and ever so kindly gave it to me to try as she was unable to use it.

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I love skincare and am constantly searching for the perfect cream and next best thing available to buy on the high street. I’m not overly fussed about how my skin looks but more so about how it feels!

So, I promised myself I would give this cream a good go and not look into the brand until I had used a fair bit f the product. Truth be told I’ve finished it and had no choice but to look it up so I could buy some more.

Oenolia is a skincare company that uses Grape Polyphenols in their products. The product have been designed by grapevine experts and French laboratory experts.

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They have lots of products in their brand including night cream, perfume, men’s products and the Crème de jour which is the product I am reviewing.

Crème De jour is 50 ml day crème with tonifying qualities infused with grape polyphenols.

The cream is silky and glides on the skin easily. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy but instantly makes it feel hydrated and that lasts all day. I find with other creams it can do this but after half a day I need to add more. This lasts all day.

I’ve used this under my make up too without primer as the silky finished is enough for my skin to feel and look hydrated. It may however not work like that on other skin, I have combination to dry skin. Since using the cream I have had very few spots and not ONE dry patch of skin, which is incredible as this happens every year in the winter!

My skin feels rejuvenated after every application and feels firmer after 4 weeks of application.

DSC 0726 1440x844 - Oenolia: Creme De Jour

So, what’s so important about grape polyphenols and what are they?

Grape Polyphenols are from the seeds of grape which we have been taken for granted for so long. The seed contain antioxidant “grape polyphenols”. these are used to trap the radicals which cause aging in skin and helps strengthen and firm our skin. For more information on this you can head over their website http://www.oenolia.fr/en/

After roughly 1 week I saw the effects on my skin and after 4 weeks can comfortably say I will be buying this crème again.

Of course saying that I had to look at the price because its French and its good which means it probably out o my price range. This product is £47.00, which I must say at first without using this products is a little expensive however after the results I have got for my skin I would spend this on a re-purchase. After all it is my skin which we all need to take care of.


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