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Glam Glow: Get the gift of GLOW

Glam Glow has landed in the UK!

For all of you social media obsessed you would have seen the glam glow brand everywhere by now.

Glam Glow was founded in 2010 exclusively for backstage celebs and professionals. It wasn’t until 2011 it was made  available for us to buy and now its landed on our high street available in Boots.

The whole idea of GlamGlow is to give your skin a treatment before your make up or going out to give you that extra glow and help your skin recover.

GlamGlow have masks for all skin ages and problem skins and promises to hydrate, rejuvenate and give that extra glow back in your skin.

I picked mine up at the Duty Free in Hamburg. I was spoilt for choice as they really do cover all skin types/problems your looking to fix.

I have been using the Supermud Clearing Treatment. it comes in a 34g metal an boasts to be the supertasker of products. This product you can use as a mask or a spot treatment if needed. It contains ingredients that make this mask the most advanced clearing treatment. For me it dries out my spot prone areas in an instant. As a mask it helps mattify my skin and leaves it perfectly clear and glowing instantly afterwards. This mask is not for sensitive skin. I understand why, when I first put the mask on wet it dries quickly and causes the face to tighten which I love. It also tingles slightly but for me, I feel that this is a sign of the mask working and not a problem however for those with sensitive skin this may not be suitable.

This tube is £39.00 and can be used over 15 times, especially as a spot treatment alone.

The next treatment I bought was the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. I bought the smaller “glam to go” size of 15g however in the full size tub you get 50g.

This boasts to be “10 minute facial in a jar”. It is one that I would reach to leave on longer but I find it difficult to leave a mask on for a full 10 minutes, especially this one. Similar to the Supermud mask this contains mud and once dried tightens your face. I find this one tingles more however it claims it will do this. I also feel that this one tightens your face more and is a bit too uncomfortable for me to leave for 10 minutes. Once this dries you exfoliate your skins with the residue left over which has dried.

I have tired and tested a million exfoliators before and have not been able to find one that exfoliate my nose area as well as the rest of my face but this one DOES. Once washes off my face feels smooth and last for about 1 week. Again as mentioned in previous posts, all skin types are different and so the results may not be the same on your. I can only tell you my honest experience.

This mask is £14 for the smaller size and £39.00 for the larger. I only use these masks once per week however you can choose to use them as often as you wish so for me, without a doubt it is worth the money.

I want to also take a minute to congratulate GlamGlow on the packaging. I love the colours and branding of this range but I LOVE the metal tub the masks come in. These tubs also the product to locked tightly and for me that keeps the product fresh and cool as it is metal. the tub allows the mask to be reusable and stops wastage.

I cannot recommend this brand enough, I have fallen in love with my skin again and wish everyone felt the same way I did about my skin.



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