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Chaophraya: Newcastle Eldon Square

Greys Quarter is Newcastle’s newest dining venture with over 20 new food and drink venues to choose from.

The most beautiful of them all is Chaophraya.

Chaophraya is Thai dining restaurant like no other in Newcastle. This restaurant promises to give you not only the BEST views of Newcastle but an authentic taste of Thailand at the same time.

Customer Service:

I really do have to mention this first. Customer service to me is equally as important to the food. This restaurant did not disappoint. All of the staff were so wonderfully excellent. The bar staff knew exactly which drink would suit our tastes and the drinks were brilliantly prepared. The waiter took the time to pay attention to our needs and chat to us. It felt genuine rather than forced which it can do in some places. Oh, I should mention, the couple at the table next to us get engaged that night and all of the staff were aware and kept it quiet until the time came, then afterwards showered them with free champagne to make their night special which I thought was wonderful too.


The Location of this resultant is absolutely PERFECT! Our waiter informed me that we were invited to sit in the “managers” table which overlooks the best sites in Newcastle. it truly is beautiful at night. The design of this restaurant is beautiful. Chaophraya has many different locations including Newcastle which have been carefully thought about. Newcastle offers their “classic and contemporary” style where as some other restaurants host their heritage sites. The restaurant has many different areas including a private dining area which is luxury! If you wanting to host a dinner party for a special occasion this is the place! The Newcastle restaurant also has an outside terrace area where you can relax and look over the city having a cocktail or two! I am really excited for the summer to be able to eat on the outside terrace, again it have set the bar as there are very few places to eat outside in Newcastle away from the main streets of shoppers.


Lets talk about the good stuff! Our waiter explained that the owner of this restaurant married a Thai woman who designed the menus’ Back in Thailand she would make street food and sell this and has brought her menus into the restaurant to keep it as authentic as possible.

For starter we shared the Maeklong Platter. This gave us a variety to taste which includes pork dumplings, chicken spring rolls and sweetcorn cakes. There was plenty to go round and the food was beautifully set out and lovely!

I am not a fan of spicy food and either was my guest Katie Meehan however the menu offers a massive variety that can suit all taste buds! We ordered the Massaman Lamb Curry with sticky rice and the Chicken pad Thai. We also ordered vegetables on the side but were so full we couldn’t eat them all. We wanted to save room for desert.

The Lamb curry was amazing, the lamb was so soft it melted in your mouth and the curry was creamy and delicious. it was not spicy at all! It was the first time I tried the Chicken Pad Thai. I’m struggling to tell you how delicious this was. the first mouthful I had was bursting with flavour! It was amazing!

We managed to save a little room for desert. Katie ordered the playful chocolate bomb and I went for the White chocolate box. The White chocolate was amazing, it wasn’t too overwhelming and came with a mini macaroon. Katie’s Chocolate Bomb was a masterpiece. Once the hot chocolate sauce was poured on it melted into a ice cream covered meringue with popcorn and chocolate sauce. I think the only downfall was the chocolate sauce with Whiskey which looked great but was a little too strong for me.


I was driving that night so unfortnalty could not drink any cocktails even thogh they looked amazing. I did however try to non alcohol cocktails and they were delicious!

Katie tried one cocktail which was beautifully present with lowers on the top but unfortunately did not like it. The waiter was kind enough to swap it for another which was delicious!


The price range is definitely not cheap. Nor is it ridiculously expensive. The price of the drinks knock the overall price up however I’d say the price for food is reasonable. Its was £10-£12 per main dish however the cocktails ranged around the £10 range.

I would recommend this restaurant for special occasions or for a dining event For me its a little to expensive for it being a regular restaurant I would visit but I would definitely go back.



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    This looks amazing can’t wait to give it a try!

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