Nip and Fab: Dragon’s Blood Fix

Nip and Fab: Dragon’s Blood Fix

Nip+Fab is a skincare and body care range and can be found in Superdrug and online. It is affordable and offers a huge range of skincare products for all skin types! It was founded by the same founder of Rodial (make up lovers will know the hype). Nip+Fab promises to be affordable and accessible and it certainly is that!

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I’ve been using Nip + Fab for some time now and it’s just dawned on me that I’ve never told you guys about my experience and why its so damn GOOD!

After seeing the famous Kylie Jenner use their products I thought I’d give them a go and that’s how my love for Nip and Fab started.

I purchased the Dragon’s Blood Fix range. It aims to hydrate your skin which is great for my combination/dry skin. Dragon’s blood contains the sap from the “croton Lechleri” tree which hydrates your skin and also to reduce the redness within your skin too.

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Dragon’s Blood Fix serum, voted the most hydrating serum by Superdrug, is a lightweight serum that comes in a 50ml bottle. This serum costs £19.95 and I must say my first impressions I was impressed by how much you get. Many serum’s come in small packaging as a little goes a long way so as you can imagine this bottle lasts forever!

The serum also contains velvet flower: illuminates and hydrates skin, gransil EP-9:absorbs oil and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

For me, I use this when my skin needs a ‘pick me up’ and is looking dry. It goes perfectly before and after the dragon’s Blood Fix Mask.

The mask retails at £14.95 for again a 50ml bottle. Again aims to hydrate the skin but this mask also leaves the skin brighter and more youthful looking.

It contains slightly different ingredient to the serum including salicylic acid which aids exfoliation and glycerine which helps to restore the skins moisture.

DSC 0893 1440x960 - Nip and Fab: Dragon's Blood Fix

I use this mask before bed but you can use at any time you want and leave it on for as long as you want also.

The next day my skin is always feeling more hydrated. FYI: When I wake the next morning after putting the mask on, the dead skin cells needs exfoliated off my skin so I use my muslin cloth to reveal my newer hydrated skin for the day!

Nip+Fab also have many other skincare products on offer, go check out your nearest Superdrug store to see more and try them out!










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