Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

Shadow Switch: What every girl that loves make up has been waiting for!

Shadow Switch has been designed and produced by Beauty Essentials and sold on Amazon.

Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner that removes the colour from your brush meaning you don’t have clean under the tap and wait to dry, and also means you can re use the same brush for your shadows.

How to use: You simply swirl your brush around the sponge and it removes the product for you.

Ideal for make up lovers and artists. I believe this product is AMAZING! another great things it does is allows us to use the same brush so we don’t have to worry about buying the same brush 4 times for our collection to save time cleaning! (I can’t be the ONLY one that does that).

Plus the sponge is washable and reusable.

This product retails at £5.99 on Amazon and comes with FREE DELIVERY. A small price to pay for amazing convenience. I cant believe this hasn’t been thought of before, it magic!

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