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NEW BRAND ALERT: Beauty Atelier Shop

NEW BRAND ALERT: Beauty Atelier Shop

Looking for an authentic cruelty free make up and beauty brand?

Beauty Atelier offer a range of cruelty free, no animal tested high performance products. Sounds amazing right?

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I received the most beautiful package ever! All HANDMADE tags with a gorgeous vintage feel never mind the actual products.

DSC 1009 1440x908 - NEW BRAND ALERT: Beauty Atelier Shop

Beauty Atelier are on a mission to “create long lasting and affordable products for make up lovers” and they certainly do that. Go check out their website www.Beautyateliershop.com.

My package showcased the most beautiful eyelashes! A combination of %100 silk and mink lashes all handmade and perfectly packaged.

All lashes can be trimmed to fit your lashes and the BEST thing I love about this site is how they label their lashes making it easy to create looks for your perfect make up!

%100 Silk  3D strip lashes come with a curved band finishing off your desired make up look.

You can choose from #Glamorous, #Precious, #Sexy and #Romantic, all showcased in beautiful boxes. These are so pretty I really don’t wanna take them out the packaging.

THE BEST BIT: You can reuse these lashes up to 20 times!!!!!!

If you prefer Mink lashes then look no further. Beauty Atelier currently have three styles to choose from:

#Lightly, #Softly and #Kinky

All of these wonderful lashes are supplied by 88 Infinite Beauty Cosmetics and Cruelty free and handmade!

Moving on Beauty Atelier also supply make up tools including #PERFECTIONIST and #HEARTIST.

#PERFECTIONIST : Beauty Ateliers blender sponge can be used wet or dry to apply foundation of all sorts creating a flawless, blended look. Again cruelty free adding to it being LATEX FREE its the perfect make up bag accessory to apply your make up.

DSC 1029 1440x960 - NEW BRAND ALERT: Beauty Atelier Shop

#HEARTIST: YESSSSSS: I have been holding off buying a silicone pad to wash my brushes and now I have the cutest one! I love how this is small and heart shape making it easy to use and carry when travelling.

DSC 1033 1440x960 - NEW BRAND ALERT: Beauty Atelier Shop

I cannot wait to try these products and create looks especially with valentines day coming up, and the weekend, and the weekend after that…..



  1. February 1, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    Gem these sound AMAZING I’m going to check out their website now. I love how they can be reused that many times!!!


  2. Jess
    May 24, 2017 / 3:54 pm

    Hi it’s Jess!
    I work next door to your mam and she was telling me all about your blog and it is amazing ? GIves me something to read at work!
    She mentioned something about you knowing about the eyelash brand I like! Didn’t know if you wanted to just add me on Facebook and message me?
    Jessica clarke, I’ll add your mam so you know it’s me.
    Hope to hear from you soon!! xxx

    • May 27, 2017 / 2:56 pm

      Hi Jess

      Feel free to add me on facebook and ill have a chat with you and see how I can help x

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