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SAMPLE SHAME:How to get the most from your samples

Do you ever ask for a free sample before you buy?

If not, ask your self why?

The past few weeks I’ve been doing a little research on samples in the UK. The reason I’m so passionate about doing this post is that I always, always get samples before I buy but recently I used a makeup voucher I got for Christmas on trusted a brand and it brought me out on spots. The foundation was £31 and I used it a lot as I genuinely thought it couldn’t possible be the foundation that was having an effect on skin until I eliminated my make up and it WAS my foundation. Because of that I couldn’t return it.  If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know how annoyed I am as I constantly RANT to others to get samples.

So here’s the deal! It wasn’t until I started blogging that I had the confidence to go up to a counter and ask for a sample. But Why?

My research highlighted that the majority of people I asked, don’t ask for a sample.


  • They are too embarrassed to ask for something for free. It feel cheeky, maybe its a British thing
  • Intimidated to ask the pretty ladies wearing lots of make up behind the counter for a sample
  • Awareness: Not everyone knows you can ask for these things!
  • You feel obliged to have a consultation and buy a product which defeats to object of a free sample
  • You don’t have the Time!

I totally agree with the above. It used to think the only sample you could get was perfume! That was me until I read an article by Wayne Goss (the make up God) which advised the best place to get samples and why. My opening paragraph details my own experience lately so the benefits of samples are simple! You save money, but not in the way that makes you cheap! It means if your genuinely going to buy something but if the sample gives you an allergic reaction or the product isn’t all its cracked up to be then, you’ve saved right there!

BUT…It’s not that easy!

More and more brands have caught on to people getting samples to building their own make up collection for free! I have to say If I was brand I would totally understand that. This I why most Make up brands require a consultation before hand. And so that they can match you to the correct product which, in the long term saves you time.  I can see why some make up counter staff can be unwelcoming, if you ask for a sample without knowing the product or have time to get to know it. I mean, how else are they going to benefit as a brand.

So here’s my advise to you:

  • Research: Know the brand you want to sample and if they do samples at all! For example Tom Ford, they don’t do samples at all unless they have a promo on. Clinique and Clarins are great for samples but you have to commit!
  • Establish if the brand have regular deliveries of samples or if they have to request pots to give samples. This makes a huge difference and you may have to revisit when they have sample pots delivered
  • Put TIME aside: you will need time for a consultation for make up, skincare may be a little longer too!
  • Be clear and honest: Don’t feel that you have to buy something. say honestly you don’t intent to buy but need to know the product before you invest. The staff should respect this and help you find the perfect product.

Samples are a great thing! Trust me your gonna save money because not every bit of make you see advertised is gonna suit you!

Final Note: Nothing in life is free, you have to invest your time and be interested in the brand for them to commit to you!




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