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Smashburger: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Smashburger has arrived in the UK, more importantly in my hometown of Newcastle!

Founded in 2007 in Denver and taking over 32 states in the US, the franchise has decided to allow us Brits to taste one of the best burger joints around.

My trip to Smashburger was very anticipated and I was desperate to try the shakes!

What I was expecting ( to be TOTALLY honest) was an overpriced average burger place that had good shakes and alright burgers. Well it does….and it has everything MORE…and the price is very reasonable.


Smashburger can be found in the New Grey’s Quarter of Intu Eldon Square downstairs amongst an array of other restaurants. They have 4 restaurants in the UK including East Sussex, Somerset and Buckinghamshire and have others in the pipeline.

Customer Service:

The restaurant looks like a typical fast food American restaurant. It is a very much self service type of place however the service I received was much more than that! The food was brought to our table and the staff were so lovely and came to check how our food was, as well as recommending food to our taste! The manager was very present upon the floor and the food was well presented and served as opposed to other burger places I have been to.

The Food:

Or Should I say “The Burgers”. I feel at this stage I should tell you a bit more about myself. I …don’t…like…bread! Haha I know right…why the hell do I eat burgers. Well normally I only eat the burger itself and might eat SOME bread depending on the sauce and toppings on burgers. Smashburger have the softest buns and amazing beef patties as well as a “special” sauce. It’s a little difficult to tell you its any different to another burger but it really is! I ate the whole thing it was delicious!!!

We also have deep fried pickles and onion rings that were out of this world! So crispy, if you see by the picture there no ordinary rings!

The menu has a great range of things to try and you can even design your own burger if your picky like me.


Smashburger has such a reasonable price for how amazing the burgers are! Not only that, compared to the other American burger joint in town that I will not name, it is now only better quality but 25% cheaper.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret…if you visit the SmashburgerUK twitter account  you can access the meal deal for only £8.95 for the classic Smashburger, fries and drink. So if you don’t believe me you can go and try the place for yourself without breaking the bank.


Thank me later!









  1. 04/04/2017 / 5:09 pm

    I walked passed this the other night and it looked great. Will have to try it! Love s good burger ?

    • 05/04/2017 / 8:24 pm

      You should! plus they have really good offers on at the moment so its hard to resist!

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