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Clarins: NEW Hydra-Essential Range

Clarins: NEW Hydra-Essential Range

Clarins have launched their New Hydra-Essential range.

This range is designed for dull, dry skin and promises to “reactivate the skins self-hydrating power”. What the hell does that mean?

Clarins researchers have travelled the world to find the answer to locking in the skins hydration for all skin types. In Madagascar they found the answer: The leaf of life also known as Kalanchoe.

This leaf is able to retain water despite the environment and extreme temperature changes and has been extracted into their new range to do exactly that to our skin. The range has a variation of textures for all skin type to battle all thermic shocks such as heat, cold, air con and pollution.

DSC 1943 1440x960 - Clarins: NEW Hydra-Essential Range

After my skin consultation by the lovely Clarins ambassadors, I was given free samples to try. The samples are a reasonable size and good enough for you to test the real effect it will have on your skin all day long. Trust me you will want to invest in this once you’ve had your free sample


My skin is dry to normal and I am constantly trying new creams and innovations to give my skin the quench it craves.

The day cream is light to apply and pressed into the skin can feel almost sticky but after a few minutes it sinks beautifully into the skin leaving it hydrated and so smooth!  I used the serum after I applied the cream and I refused to wear make up, I was so impressed with how soft and hydrated my skin was. And the best thing was that it lasted all day!

DSC 1954 1440x960 - Clarins: NEW Hydra-Essential Range

I was also given a sample of Gel Sorbet Cooling gel. I really do not know how to say how impressed I am at this product. You can see by my photo that it a gel based liquid and very fluid. You apply this like a cream to the face and as you apply, the particles break up, making it feel like your applying water to your face. The cooling texture is amazing and I cannot wait to try this in the summer.

The range is made up of the skin cream with and without SPF, The Hydra-Essential Bi-Phase Serum, The Milky lotion, Gel Sorbet and the ONLINE Exclusive Rich cream made for very dry skin.


Check out the range online for more information and prices HERE





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