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Think Yellow Pages, Think online, Think BIDVINE!

Whether your a fellow blogger or friend, you will need a service like this at some point or another in your life.

Bidvine desktop1 - Think Yellow Pages, Think online, Think BIDVINE!

As a blogger there have been many times I’ve needed a Photographer. Working on my blog solo can mean that I’m unable to take photos of myself or photos of my own make up can also be very difficult. Bidvine gives me access to local photographers in order to do this and if your looking to build a portfolio you can do exactly the same. You can hire a portrait photographer here

As a woman there will be many times I’ll be in need of a emergency plumber of electrician (jokes) but seriously anything you need this site has.

Bidvine brings together local businesses and people to help achieve the quickest outcome possible, this is exactly what the internet is for!

Bidvine desktop3 - Think Yellow Pages, Think online, Think BIDVINE!

Bidvine is a UK based start up with staff also based in Canada. Thier site is very easy to use and has had great success so far with the local businesses in the UK is growing its audience.

The site is so easy to use, it has 3 simple steps

  1. Tell them what you need
  2. Get bids a choose a pro
  3. Hire and expect a great service

phone in hand - Think Yellow Pages, Think online, Think BIDVINE!

The website is modern and like I mentioned very easy to use and navigate. Bidvine covers all areas of trades with trusted people and has you covered for all size jobs weather your buying and redecorating a new home or just need a MUA for the day.

So why use BIDVINE as opposed to other search engines?

Bidvine charges a small fee to their professionals to offer you a bid, and that means you get genuine professionals and skilled people bidding for your work and also puts YOU in control! It’s much better knowing you are going to have a good service and saves you a lot of time, for me time is precious so this site really works for me. In addition to this the company take their own time to vet and build relationships with the locals in order to give you the best possible service out there!







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