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What are you embarrassed for? I’m not its just my skin! : My Battle with Rosacea

What are you embarrassed for? I’m not its just my skin! : My Battle with Rosacea

April is the Rosacea awareness month in the UK and is designed to make the public more aware of the condition, its impact and how it effects millions all over the world…….including me!

Blackbird - What are you embarrassed for? I'm not its just my skin! : My Battle with Rosacea

“In Britain, it is estimated that a staggering one in 10 people suffers from rosacea, and that about one in 600 people are diagnosed with the condition every year. Yet, despite how widespread rosacea is, the condition is still widely misunderstood” Skinlaser clinic

I’m going to be very honest in the post so if this is not for you and your prefer my make up reviews them don’t read on!

Since a little girl I have always had “rosy cheeks”. There is so much stigma around Rosacea, people think I must drink a lot, or smoke, or that I’m just shy and embarrassed and go red very quickly. All of that is not true.

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As a child I would always dread doing sport, every time I would finish a game of netball I’d have to walk out in front of everyone to leave the building and would hear the comments, some to my face and some whispered: “look at how red she is” or “why are you so embarrassed” and I never had the answers!

It wasn’t until I was older I started looking into why and came across the skin condition Rosacea.

Rosacea can come in many different shapes and forms and effects people differently often called the “red faced disorder”. As I’ve just spoken about you can see the Rosacea can effect people not only physical but emotionally too!

People often think that at first they have sunburn or acne or just very sensitive skin ( which is part of the condition). People are also unaware that it can effect not only your face but the skin anywhere. I often get a very red chest which can come on at any time and people assume its a flush.

“Twice as many women as men are affected by this condition but symptoms are generally more severe in males: individuals between the ages of 30-50, with fair skin, blue eyes and from Northern Europe tend to be most at risk.”


I wear make up to hide mine and constantly finding products to cure or help my Rosacea but have failed every time!

After several years of research no one person has been able to tell me why I have this.

There can be many reasons including hereditary and the environment around you. However after working with a lady ( more information coming soon) we spoke about my bloodstream and what can cause the redness such as bacteria or my diet.

We spoke about there is no one cream that can cure this for me however will help with the symptoms. She wasn’t able to guarantee that I could get rid of it and its something I will have to work on and eliminate bit by bit. I suppose  for me its liking comparing it to being wheat intolerant, you have to eliminate foods before finding out what’s bad for you!

Although I’ve had this for years, I have always focused on keeping my skin hydrated and wrinkle free rather than trying to fight my Rosacea. The easiest thing for me to do was hide it under make up, however, talking about the condition and others who suffer just like me, it has made me realise that I don’t have to have this for the rest of my life and can do something about it!

Stay tuned and join me on my skin journey to see how I fight my battle against Rosacea and remember….don’t judge those with a red face. Now you know a little more hopefully my posts can help you too!


Thanks for reading guys Gx





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