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Armani / Prive Experience

I was lucky enough to attend a one day event at the Giorgio Armani House of Fraser, Metrocentre counter last month to showcase the Armani Prive collection.

For one day only the store welcomed their expert from London to showcase their Prive perfume collections and teach me all about them.

I took along fellow blogger Katie Meehan and together we sat with Samantha for 1 hour getting to know more about the brand and the inspiration behind the perfume collections.

Samantha was so passionate about the brand and had such a good energy and insight into Giorgio Armani’s life, I truly learnt so much!

Giorgio Armani has a perfume to suit all preferences from floral to a more heavy stronger scent!

As you can see the packaging is beautiful and again inspired by his travels. Within the House of Fraser branch the perfumes are showcases in glass jars in order to give you a realistic smell of the product for what it is before you apply to your skin.

Giorgio Armani is involved with the production of all of his fragrances and that is really important to him. he gets his inspiration from travelling and recognisees what its like to go somewhere and have a smell remind you of the place or experience.

Giorgio Armani has grouped together his fragrances into different groups of themes.

Les Eaux” consists of 5 different scents taking a floral theme. They are soft and light and perfect for day to day perfume and if your wanting something light and fresh to wear.

La Collection” this collection also has 5 different fragrances however contains one of the most personal to the man himself the BOIS D’ENCENS. “”I was looking for the smell of incense from my childhood, when I went to church with my grandmother. It had depth and warmth which also reminded me of the black stone of Pantelleria.”” Giorgio Armani.

La collection mille et une nuits” These fragrances are inspired by the idle and far east and are more intense and contains the bestseller ROSE D’ARBIE. Having travelled to the middle east these fragrances remind me of the bazars and frankincense that can be smelt in the shops and really takes me back.

And last but not least the new collection and by far my favourite “La collection les terres precieuses“.

This collection has 2 perfumes, Vert Malchite and Roughe Malachite both inspired by Russia. The collection acts as a tribute to Russian woman and their power! Giorgio Armani was so impressed when he visited he used the country as his inspiration for his new collection. My fave is the Vert Malachite however they are very similar. Both have a very intense smell that lasts all day!

All perfumes have a variation of au de perfume and toilette and in some ranges you can also purchase the candle which unfortunately I was unable to try however if its anything to go by the perfumes your in for a treat!

The Armani Prive collection varies in price however does appeal to a audience that is prepared to pay the cost for scents to take them back in time. I recommend you go try them, and maybe do what I do and try a different one every time I pass the store! Shhhh don’t tell anyone!



  1. 15/05/2017 / 7:20 pm

    You’re so lucky to have had this experience. I’ve Stumbled this very interesting post for you.

  2. 16/05/2017 / 1:10 pm

    This looks like so much fun! They all sound lovely. ARmani Si is my favourite and I’ve just bought the floral version for the summer

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