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New: The Estee Edit

Glow, Bare, Egdy?

Are these words you would associate with Estee Lauder? No, me neither.

The Estee Edit have launched in the UK and can be found in Selfridges London.

It’s designed to be simple and to cover the basic, making it easy for you to reach for something and choose from 3 basic looks yet look good at the same time.

The 3 looks they cover are Matte, Glow and Gloss which of course are all on trend.

For me that is the exact thing that separates the brand from the timeless classics of the Estee Lauder collection.

The Estee Edit of course has make up and skincare to offer however more focused for glowing skin rather then concentrated on age and expensive ingredients and this is shown through the price.

The costs of products within this brand you can see are cheaper.

Pore Vanishing Moisturiser £20.00

This is amazing value for money, a skincare product you can wear with or without make up AND a huge sixe of 50 ml.

Fluid Metal Eyeshadow £20.00

Selling out so quick you’ll be lucky to get your hands of this! I picked up the shade “so extra”. I couldn’t resist it once I had swatched and it stays in place all night!

The Edgiest up & out double Mascara £17.00 

With 15 hour wear and heat and sweat resistant this is a versatile wand offering the option of volume lashes or play down day time lashes. I’ve applied this over and over again and it does not clump! No drill…..this DOES NOT CLUMP!


There are so many products in the range left to try I just couldn’t buy them all at once but I’m so impressed with not only the packaging but the price for the products. The products are amazing! Trendy and very good quality, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Estee Lauder brand.

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