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Origins Of The Organics In Fashion

Knowing where your clothing comes from is becoming harder and harder. Of course, a lot of manufacturers still advertise where their clothing is from. And, a lot of people like to buy things that come from certain places. But, this still doesn’t really tell you where it comes from. With loads of new synthetic materials coming about; the world of fashion as changed a lot. And, with it, the way that clothing is made has changed, too. But, there are some items which always have the same origin. And, this post is going to be going through some of them. This should give you a good idea of where some of the items you might wear come from.

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Diamonds are incredibly popular. They are used to make jewelry shine. And, they hold a lot of value. But, they don’t hold value because they are rare or hard to find. In fact, diamonds are probably right below your feet. Diamonds have high value simply because they look nice. But, you’re more interested in where they come from. Diamonds are the result of organic matter, like trees and other plants, being exposed to heat and pressure for thousands of years. They are a form of carbon. And, so, every diamond that is worn by people is actually just wood or other organic matter; just like oil and coal. Of course, clever scientists have figured out some ways to make synthetic diamonds, too.

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Next, it’s time to take a look at pearls. A lot of people wear pearls because they look gorgeous. But, few people know where they actually come from. Pearls come from living creatures, called Oysters. Oysters live in shallow to deep ocean and have a very hard exterior shell. Sometimes, a foreign material, like a grain of sand or piece of food, will get stuck inside their shell. As a defense, the Oyster will cover the object with the material it uses to make its shell. And, this is the pearl. So, your handmade pearl earrings aren’t just pretty; they were made by an animal. Unfortunately, extracting a pearl will usually kill the oyster, though.

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Last on this list comes a material which is illegal throughout much of the world. Ivory used to be incredibly popular. As one of the only white materials available in the past; it was used for loads of different products. And, a big market for ivory was the fashion industry. Even today, ivory items are still passed around. But, don’t worry, owning ivory isn’t illegal; selling or distributing it is. Ivory comes from elephants and rhinos. Their large horns and tusks are made from the same material as hair. But, are much stronger. Unfortunately, taking an animal’s horn like this will always result in death. So, it’s not worth buying something like this; unless you already have it.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what goes into the items you wear. It’s unlikely that you wear ivory. But, it’s still important to consider wear your clothing comes from. A lot of people ignore this. If you realised what was used to make some of your clothing, though; you would find it harder to ignore.


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