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Three Big Mistakes People Are Still Making While Traveling

Three Big Mistakes People Are Still Making While Traveling

Whether it’s for work, to visit relatives, or just to enjoy a vacation, travel plays a huge role in our lives. To many of us, the whole process seems like second nature. But that’s not going to stop us from making careless mistakes that put the kibosh on our whole plans. As you gear up for a vacation or a trip you need to make, you ought to prepare a little checklist to ensure that you’re not making any of the errors that can ruin it.

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Leaving the airport details at the last minute

Perhaps the most common of issues is failing to give yourself enough time to prepare for the time you’re going to spend at the airport. Most travel stress happens here. For instance, you might neglect to book yourself accommodation near the airport if you have to wait there overnight, meaning you’ll be flying and landing much more tired. Many people still forget to check themselves in online, meaning they can get stuck involved in a lengthy process when they arrive, giving them little time to relax and calm their nerves before getting on the plane. This is especially important on those long-term trips like to Japan or Australia.

Not checking you’re authorized to travel

Nowadays, it can be as easy as booking a flight and showing a passport to make some trips. That make us negligent of the fact that many countries still have iron-clad rules about letting people in. Without checking with the electronic travel authorisation system for Canada, for instance, you could get turned away from the country as soon as you get off the plane. Where travel involves borders, things can get tricky if you haven’t planned ahead as well. For instance, many people might think that they can just drive from Canada to the US as part of a roaming holiday, only to find themselves being stopped and denied at the border.

Failing to prepare your money

On the vast majority of trips, you’re going to need a little spending power. However, it’s not smart to just take what cash you have on you. At the very least, you need to let credit card providers know that you’re traveling. Otherwise, your provider might see activity on your card half-way around the world from where they expect and cut the cards because they suspect fraud. Meaning you’ll be left with a credit card you most likely won’t be able to use for the rest of the trip. As for making sure you have cash for cab fare and little bits and pieces, the ATMs at the airport tend to give the best exchange rates so you could be saving yourself some trouble by getting your cash changed before you leave it.

A trip rarely goes quite perfectly, but we can accept a little mistake here and there that have us changing things up a little. What we can’t abide are mistakes that have us strapped for cash while we’re abroad or that stop us from being able to enter a country at all. Be thorough and double-check to ensure you’re totally ready for the trip ahead. #spon


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