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The UK’s Top Nightlife Venues

The UK’s Top Nightlife Venues

The UK has always had an amazing nightlife scene. From tiny, rustic pubs; to massive clubs found in the heart of the action. Altogether, this can make for some brilliant nights. With weird and wonderful events going on everywhere; the UK is truly the best place in the World to enjoy the weekend and unwind. But, where should you be going on your night out? Of course, amongst the good, there’s always going to be bad. So, to help you out, this post will be going through three of the best nightlife venues you’ll find in the Island nation. Now, you just have to make some calls and get a group together.

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  • The Night Kitchen, Sheffield

To start, let’s have a look at the North’s offerings. Sheffield is home to several great venues. But, nothing is quite the same as The Night Kitchen. Practically hidden on an old trading estate, this club uses an old cutlery factory as it’s home. On any given night in The Night Kitchen, you’ll find an array of different shows and events. One night, you could be banging your head to some hardcore. And, the next, you could be chilling out with some ambient electronic music. With this variety, TNK brings in loads of different kinds of people. But, regardless of who is there; there’s always a good atmosphere. The open nature of this venue makes it perfect for pop-up events which will often be unannounced.

  • The Mahiki Bar, London

Next, on this list, comes a place with a little more pedigree than The Night Kitchen. The Mahiki Bar in London has had a rich clientele of celebrities, royals, and politicians for many years. But, it’s not the stuffy kind of bar you might be expecting. Instead, The Mahiki is a Polynesian themed delight; offering drinks and decor that will take you to paradise. You have to join the Mahiki guestlist to get into the venue. Basic entry isn’t too expensive; but, if you want a table or VIP booth; you’ll have to shell out loads extra. The standard entry will be fine for most though; with the charm of The Mahiki being more valuable that a chair and table ever could be.

  • Thekla, Bristol

Both of the options above are places with rich atmosphere and heady charm. This next venue is different, though. Thekla is a ship. And, the nightclub is inside the ship. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go anywhere; but, you’re still on the beautiful Bristol Waterfront. The club itself isn’t much anything special, offering the drinks and entertainment you would expect in this sort of place. The clubs surrounding Thekla also make for great nights out. And, simply having them close by makes Thekla even better. If you’re not enjoying the night; just hop to Prism or Bunker to try something new.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of the nightlife scene the UK has to offer. Most of the cities in the UK are littered with clubs and other venues. Along with this, the UK also has an amazing festival circuit. So, if you want the party to keep going; you know where to look.


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