Don’t Let These Canadian Holiday Mistakes Snowball Into Catastrophes

Don’t Let These Canadian Holiday Mistakes Snowball Into Catastrophes

Whether it’s for work, to visit relatives, or just to enjoy a vacation, there are plenty of great reasons to want to go to Canada. The natural beauty spots like Blue Mountain and Niagara Falls have as much to offer as the big cities like Montreal and Toronto. But all those plans can be ruined by just a few careless mistakes that put the kibosh on the whole plan. As you gear up for that Canadian adventure, you ought to prepare a little checklist to ensure that you’re not making any of the errors that can ruin it.

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Not preparing for a long commute

Perhaps the most common of issues is failing to give yourself enough time to prepare for the time you’re going to spend at the airport. Most travel stress happens here. It’s even worse when you haven’t taken into account that most flights to Canada are very long affairs. Your trip can be ruined by jet lag if you neglect to prepare a smart flight. For instance, instead of driving all night to fly in the morning, you should book yourself accommodation near the airport. Check yourself in online and make sure you have plenty of time between getting in the departure lounge and getting on the flight, too.

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Not checking you’re authorized to travel

Nowadays, it can be as easy as booking a flight and showing a passport to make some trips. That make us negligent of the fact that many countries still have iron-clad rules about letting people in. Canada, as friendly as it is, has some strict rules about letting people in. Without checking with the electronic travel authorisation system for Canada, you could get turned away from the country as soon as you get off the plane. If you’re planning to make the trip by flying to America and just crossing up the border with your authorization, make sure that you don’t have anything that might be considered contraband. For instance, you’re only allowed limited amounts of alcohol or cigarettes. Similarly, you’re not allowed to bring any animal products at all into the country. That means meat, dairy, eggs, so on and so on.

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Failing to prepare your money

Canada is not exactly a cheap country. The cities there rank amongst the most expensive. To that end, it’s a good idea to budget in advance and make sure you have enough for what you want to do as well as daily allowances for meals and the essentials. One of the most expensive parts of visiting, however, is the phone bill. There are some great prepaid Canadian sim packages that can help you avoid some hefty call charges. Also, you need to let credit card providers know that you’re traveling. Otherwise, your provider might see activity on your card half-way around the world from where they expect and cut the cards because they suspect fraud. Meaning you’ll be left with a credit card you most likely won’t be able to use for the rest of the trip.  Bear in mind that it’s a huge country, too, and if you’re leaving the southern edge of it, you’re heading in more and more sparsely populated lands. You’re not going to get around cheaply if you don’t have a car. Public transport and taxis tend to be much more expensive options. Arrange yourself a car hire before you land.

Beyond the tips above, remember to be open minded. Don’t expect things in Canada to be the same as they are back home. They have a diverse range of cultural influences and the culture shock can be pretty big for those who don’t expect it.


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