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Wonderful Wales

All too often overlooked, summer is a season that is kind to the country of Wales. There’s something for everyone here, from fans of a bulging metropolis to travellers who crave peace and quiet.

However, it’s something of a hidden gem for those of us who live in the UK. It’s fair to say that we take Wales for granted. Some of the sights on offer are those that we would travel far and wide for when visiting another country, but when they’re right on our doorstep, we have a tendency to overlook them.

Or we did – until today. Whether you fancy a short summer road trip or somewhere off the beaten track to relax for a week, it’s fair to say that Wales has got something to offer you. So if you’re in the mood for something different this summer, then maybe it’s time to bring Wales into the spotlight.


As one of the four capitals of the UK, it’s impossible to overlook what Cardiff has to offer when it comes to holidaying in Wales.


The city is bustling and vibrant without being too big, as London and Edinburgh can sometimes feel. There is a quaint mashing of the new world – the nightlife, the entertainment, and even the Principality Stadium in the middle of the city – and the old, with all of this overlooked by Cardiff Castle. The city is the most affordable of the capitals while still having everything to offer you would expect from a major city.


Situated on the south coast, Mumbles is a seaside resort the likes of which will be very familiar to any British holidaymaker. Not only is there a pier to be enjoyed, but the usual beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets await.


No matter what your preference for holidays, there will always be something to keep you entertained at this coastal town. There’s a plethora of places to stay in Mumbles which will provide access to all the local attractions, including the ancient Norman stronghold of Oystermouth Castle. A little further up the coast you’ll find the Mumbles Lighthouse, which dates from the 18th century and is surrounding by panoramic views of the ocean.

Conwy Bay

We’ve gone south with the first two suggestions, so let’s head north for the final offering. Situated on the northern coast, overlooking the Irish Sea, is the amazing vista that is Conwy Bay. The bay is everything you could ever want from such a location; you can try your hand at watersports or just wander through Conwy itself, shopping and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.


If you’re a history fan then there’s a castle waiting for you here, too: Conwy Castle, which is wonderfully preserved and blends seamlessly into the surrounding modern-day fixtures. The nearby area itself is picturesque, and offers plenty of modern conveniences such as a huge shopping area and lots of cafes to while away an afternoon in.

Finally, if you want to try a bit of rural holidaying, then the mountains of Snowdonia National Park are within a comfortable day’s drive from Conwy. Two birds with one stone on the northern coast is more than possible. #spon

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