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Newcastle History Month: The Victoria Tunnels

Newcastle Upon Tyne has so much to offer and so much history!

I love learning more about the city I’m from and this month is the Newcastle History so why not!

My family love learning about history as much as I do and this month for a birthday occasion we booked ourselves onto The Victoria Tunnel.

We arrived in the morning and it was pretty busy! We were greeted at the office and by our guides who were lovely!

We were given health and safety info before we headed off on a tour of the Ouseburn before heading into the tunnel.

The tour was split into two halfs. The first part of the tour was world war 2 and how the Tunnel played a HUGE part in the history of Newcastle and the second half and last half was back to the 1800’s when the tunnel was contsructed and why!

The tour describe the tunnels origins and stories behind the transportation of coal all the way to when it was converted into an air raid shelter for thousands of families in the north east!

Along the way we learnt the horrors of the tunnel and the fond stories passed on throughout the years! Without giving too much away I can say this tour is fun, informing and unforgettable!

The 2hour tour has received several awards and rightly so! I’m so proud that this is part of the history of my town and love speaking to my family who have even more stories to tell about the tunnel!

The Victoria Tunnels is something for everyone and of all ages!

The price of tickets are £6.00 per adult and £4.00 for under 16 which in my opinion is amazing for what you get!

A tour you will never forget and can say “I’ve been there”.



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