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ELLEfluence: Urban Decay Event

This month saw the return of ELLEfluence events! After the past few I have been to as well as the growth in her platform and relationships with brands, I was mega excited to attend this Urban Decay event.

Her latest event was brought to us by the Urban Decay crew of Debenhams at Eldon Square to showcase their latest Limited Edition Jean-Michel Basquiat collection. You may recognise the name as some of his art work is still trending and selling at records prices on the News!

Laura Dawson the face behind ELLEfluence had organised the event on the pre sale day of the collection so we were all lucky enough to get our hands on it.

The event was held in the restaurant giving us all the privacy for the event and them tea greeted us with purple cocktails and the most warmest of welcomes. The event was captured on video too, so to see the staff, Laura and their fabulous make up visit the ELLEfuence page on facebook!

Some of us met before the event for a quick pre-drink however there was a few new faces at the event that I hadn’t saw which was always nice! I love going to events like these as being a blogger it can be hard to meet everyone face to face when your behind a computer typing!

At the event the staff introduced us to the collection and used three palettes from the collection to showcase on three models (one of which was me!).

As they applied to make up, Michael from the Urban Decay crew gave us the inspiration behind the collection and the history of jean-michel Basquit. He explained that at the time of the artist his work was very “out there” and a little bit more different and bolder than your tradition artists. This is what urban Decay try to do as a brand and the collection certainly shows this through its bright, bold colours and details behind the packaging. what I love about this collection is you can hang to palettes up after being used and you have your very own art collection.

As a model I was shown the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette- the perfect neutral palette to create and natural or smoky eye look. I loved the colours in the palette, you can really use them in all looks you want to create. At the end I asked for a pop of glitter…I felt I was missing that at a urban Decay event!

The girls all looked beautiful in the end and I was absolutely in LOVE with Tenant eyeshadow Palette, its a MUST buy for lovers of colour. In the end I purchased the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette and the Gallery Blush Palette as I’m a little too scared to buy such a bright palette. I need to work a little on my bright make up look.

The shadows are well pigmented and vey powdery as apposed to buttery but a little does go a long way!

The palettes were £35 each which for me is a little pricey but for a palette that will last a while its an investment but the Blush palette was a total bargain at £27 for 4 pans, you must get this before it sells out!

I can do that with the help of the goody bag. For attending we also got a free makeover worth £55 with the Urban Decay crew which I’m so excited to use! follow me on Instagram stress and ill keep you updated when I’m getting it done and what products I’ll use.

After the event it was lovely as we had a chance to look around the other new products they had just got into the store including the brand New lip toppers which were GILTTER HEAVEN! I want them all but that’s for another day!


All in all another great event held by Laura and lovely to see the other bloggers and have a catch up again. if you interested in future events then sign up to the ELLEfluence page here: http://ellefluence.com/register/



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  1. 28/05/2017 / 7:03 pm

    It was lovely seeing you at the event and having a couple drinks afterwards.

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