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The Fit Mumma: weekly update

The Fit Mumma: weekly update

Hi Guys, I wanted to take a few moments to write about my week.

If you have been following my videos you will know about the journey I am on to change my lifestyle with The Fit Mumma.

This week is the fifth week with The Fit Mumma and we meet every Tuesday. The sessions are a mixture of feedback, knowledge and recap of the week. I learn so much from the sessions with Sonya and have come so far yet I feel I have further to go.

This week we spoke about the importance of fibre and the colon. I have never had enough fibre in my diet and have had difficulties with my bowels ( wee bit embarrassing). After declaring this lol Sonya implemented the right amount of fibre into my weekly plan and I have noticed a massive difference. I now go more regularly and its much easier for me.

Anyway…moving on here is a snap shop of what I have eaten this week and my prep for next week.

I have learnt the hard way that prep is so important and I have to put myself first in order to eat the right things and that takes TIME!

I started the bank holiday with the right intensions and I made the right CHOICES at the spa, everything as going well until Sunday and Monday.

Its the first time (apart from holiday) that I fell off the wagon. I’m still trying to work this out but I think it was either related to my period which I am due or comfort eating. Or a mixture of both. Its something I need to work on, lifestyle changes arn’t easy but I’m looking forward to talking this out with sonya tomorrow and learning from this so I don’t make the same mistake again.

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