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Fifteen Things To Do In Australia!

Australia is a country in a continent. It’s huge, hot, wide and varied and it’s totally underrated. Many people get put off because heading to Oz is a big deal. It’s pretty out there, and it can take an absolute age to visit. As for things to do? We’ll take the work out of deciding for you. Here’s a big list of things to do Down Under!


1 – Enjoy the beaches! Australia is dry and arid in parts, but that doesn’t mean there are not any beaches to enjoy! The most famous is Bondi Beach in Sydney, but there are plenty of coves for you to discover


2 – Get out! You don’t need to adventure the outback to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Australia. Go Make Some Memories have plenty of advice on camping out in Oz.


3 – Catch ‘Aussie Rules.’ A game of Aussie Rules is a unique and exciting sporting experience that can only be found in Australia. Their take on regular football is pretty brutal!


4 – Enjoy sport! If Aussie Rules is not your thing, there’s plenty of football (soccer), cricket and rugby on display.


5 – See Uluru. Uluru is the heart of ‘original Australia’ and is one of the true wonders of the world. With deep meaning to Australia’s Aboriginal culture, as well as the White settlers who arrived later, you too can be changed by Uluru!


6 – Visit Salamanca Palace. Australia isn’t an old place in terms of Western Culture, but you can see it’s colonial architecture, like Salamanca Palace in Hobart.


7 – Marvel at the big cities. Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and other cities are a spectacle to behold. This is good news for those who are not especially outdoorsy.


8 – Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a majestic sight, so take your time and stroll across it.


9 – Pay your respects. Australians fought in two World Wars and gave their all. The Australian War Memorial in Canberra immortalizes Australia’s brave many.


10 – Marvel at the Great Barrier Reef. The world is changing, and the Reef won’t be around for much longer due to the poor ecological wellbeing of our Planet. See it in this form while you can.


11 – Explore the Outback. Real Australia can be found in the wide and open Outback. Keep your wits about you though – make sure to hydrate, eat and stay out of the sun.


12 – Head to Flinders Chase National Park for an experience of Australia that few actually get to see.


13 – Experience the Wildlife. From Kangaroos to Kookaburras, Australia’s fauna needs to be seen to be believed and there are more than enough photo opportunities with them!



14 – Walk through Tasmania. This ancient landscape just south of Australia is dying to be explored. So why not do just that?


15 – See the stars. Australia’s focus on wilderness and nature means there is little in the way of pollution that blocks the starts. For a clear view of the sky, look no further than Oz! #spon



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