Ibiza Travellers – This One’s For You!

Ibiza Travellers – This One’s For You!

If you’re going to Ibiza this year, you’re probably all kinds of excited right now. Ibiza has everything you could ever want in a holiday. There’s sand, sun, sea, and plenty of parties to get stuck into. However, you don’t have to spend the whole time partying if you don’t want to. There are opportunities for relaxation too, depending on how you want to spend your trip. Let’s talk about a few things you could do during your stay on the White Isle:

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Go And Party In An Abandoned Zoo

If you want to let loose while you’re in Ibiza, this is something you should definitely consider adding to your itinerary. Zoo Party Project in San Antonio is one of the best things to do in Ibiza. You all get together in an abandoned zoo and enjoy live Djs and acts such as fire breathers and stilt walkers. Lots of people like to go and have their faces and bodies painted beforehand too – so head to Kiss My Fairy if that sounds like fun to you.


Watch The Sunset At Cafe Mambos

You can watch the sunset at Cafe Mambos (also in San Antonio) at any time during your trip, but most people like to spend time relaxing doing this on the last night. It’s one of the best spots to watch, and you can enjoy a relaxing cocktail with some chilled out music as you do so.


Party In A World Famous Club

There are too many clubs in Ibiza to name, but some of them are clubs you will have heard of at some point. Everybody knows Amnesia, but you also have Ushuaia, Headkandy, and so many more. This will be one of your most expensive nights, so bear that in mind when planning your budget. You can be charged up to 20 euros in a club for a bottle of water! Although it’s expensive, the experience is worth it. You can make it up a bit by looking for cheap deals to Ibiza. You guessed it – people like to do this when visiting San Antonio!


Spend Some Time On The Strip

You haven’t been to Ibiza if you haven’t spent some time on the strip. Although you won’t find any huge clubs here, you get plenty of bars of different types all in a row, so everything you need is within walking distance. You can find bars playing dance music, hip hop, r’n’b, cheesy music, and so much more. If you’re planning to meet people on your trip, you’ll meet the most interesting people on the strip.


Go Shopping

Ibiza isn’t just for partying and lazing on the beach. There are lots of nice little boutiques you can shop in too, often finding handmade stuff you won’t find anywhere else. There are also some cool markets you can visit if you want to take souvenirs home. You can find places to shop in San Antonio, but there are many other luxury resorts too. It all depends on your budget.



Yes, relaxing in Ibiza is possible.  Playa D’en Bossa is one of the most renowned places for relaxing on the White Isle!


Where are you planning on visiting in Ibiza? #spon


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