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Want To Book a Last Minute Break? Here’s What You Need to Consider!



The sun is out, the flowers are in full bloom, and many people are counting down the days until their summer holiday! A week or two off work, soaking up some sun, shopping til you drop and eating delicious food really does make the hard work throughout the rest of the year worth it. But if you’ve still not booked your summer getaway it’s not too late, and in fact, you might even save yourself some money by snagging a late deal! Here are some things to bear in mind if you want to book yourself some summer sun.

Book Time Off Work

This might be a tricky one depending on where you work so your first step would be to find out when you can have time off work. If you’re travelling with a friend or partner, you need to ensure they’re able to get the same time off. If you are going away with kids, you will be limited to school holiday times only. Unfortunately this will bump the price up but is unavoidable.

Decide On Your Destination

Once you have dates booked off work, you can start browsing what’s available for that time. Since you’re booking so late in the year, your best bet is to be flexible and keep an open mind. You might not be able to book very specific things at this stage, but you could well end up on an amazing adventure in a destination you hadn’t previously considered! Before committing, do some research and find out what kinds of things are available and well as safety and health warnings. Some countries might require vaccinations a number of weeks in advance, meaning a very last minute trip is off the cards. Others might just require you take medicines such as Malarone for malaria prevention. Double check to make sure everything can be sorted in time.

Look Into Things To Do

The attractions you’re after will mainly depend on who you’re travelling with and the kind of break you want. Are you planning a boozy getaway with friends? If so, plenty of bars, clubs, and nightlife is a must. Is it a romantic holiday with your other half? Posh restaurants and gorgeous scenery might be on your list. If you’re going away with family, you will need to find out what kind of things there are to do for kids or teenagers. If you plan on visiting popular tourist attractions, whether it’s Stonehenge in the UK or the Statue of Liberty in New York, many can’t be visited on the day without advance bookings. Avoid disappointment, book ahead of time so you can see everything you want on the day.

Pamper Yourself

Many people spend weeks and months in the gym ahead of their holiday so they can look their best. However, even if you don’t have chance to hit the treadmill, you can still go away feeling fantastic. Book in a haircut, a wax and facial at the salon, have your brows done. Go for a manicure or pedicure. Whatever you usually have done which makes you feel confident, go for it. It will allow you to look your best in your holiday photos!



Think About Outfits

Another way you can ensure you feel good about yourself is by choosing the right outfits. You won’t have time to slowly collect your holiday wardrobe if you’re jetting off in the space of a few weeks, so work on putting together a capsule wardrobe instead. A few key pieces that can all be mixed and matches and worn in different ways. This gives you a wide range of looks without having to spend a fortune on an enormous wardrobe. Just three summer dresses for example could offer you a huge selection of outfits for different occasions, depending on the shoes and accessories you wear them with. You could choose bikinis and coverups that work well together and can be mix and matched. It means you don’t feel like you’re wearing the same things over and over without buying a tonne of new things.

There’s no doubt that booking a holiday in advance has its advantages. It gives you time to save, plan and collect the things you need over time so you can spread the cost. However, sometimes the spontaneous things in life really are the best. The times when you just seized the day and went for it. If you don’t have anything booked in for this summer, don’t feel as though you’ve left it too late! You still have chance, and it could end up being the best holiday you’ve ever had. #spon



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