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The Sensible Guide To Organizing A Wild And Spontaneous Adventure

The Sensible Guide To Organizing A Wild And Spontaneous Adventure

Perhaps you love the idea of adventure and seeing foreign lands, but the reality is that you find it very hard to do anything without extensive organizing and planning. Spontaneity is a romantic idea, but it doesn’t sound very sensible or logical to you. You want to know where your money is going, and you want to know how much time you need to book off work.


There’s always got to be a degree of planning to any trip, but this doesn’t change the fact that you still find yourself craving an exciting experience. You want to explore, see new things, and live on the wild side. Well, there’s no reason that organization and exploration should be mutually exclusive. This sensible guide to organizing a wild and spontaneous adventure should give you some inspiration.

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Plan your trip.

You need to form a plan before you do anything else. This is probably a relieving thing for you to read first if you love to organize and plan things. See this as a rough schedule for the place or places you want to visit and how much time you plan to spend there. If you have boring adult responsibilities and a job back home then you’ll need to, unfortunately, create limits as to how long this adventure can last.


However, you shouldn’t go too overboard with the detail of the plan; leave some room for adventure and changes to the schedule. Plan out where you’re going to go on certain days, but don’t necessarily plan out what you’re going to do when you get there. This is a great way to organize your trip without taking the spark and excitement out of exploring the unknown. You should keep certain details about your destination unknown until you arrive.


Finance your trip.

This is the boring part, but it’s just as important. You should either look into taking a fixed sum of cash with you or investing in a travel card because constantly hitting ATMs to withdraw money will cost you transaction fees each time; you don’t want that financial burden whilst you’re abroad. You don’t need excessive money to soak up the atmosphere of a foreign place once you’re there, anyway. You just need a budget for the overall trip which includes accommodation, flights, and all other expenses. You could also look at some travel insurance quotes if you want to have some idea of how far a trip is going to eat into your finances. There are many factors to consider, and you should consider them before you make any concrete plans.

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Be flexible with your trip.

The best piece of advice that an organized explorer could take on board is to learn that, once the rough plan has been formed, you don’t need to worry about organizing every last detail. Be a little spontaneous. Perhaps you’ll decide to break up your trip by hopping on a plane and flying to the next country over for a few days. Obviously, even though you’re an adventurer, you’re an organized adventurer; you may want to check that you can fit a second trip into your schedule, depending on when you need to fly home.


The point is that you can be flexible with your trip. You don’t have to stick rigidly to your plan, and it might be worse for you to do that anyway because vacations can never be entirely predicted. Circumstances change; the museum you planned to visit might not be very good, so you could spend the day doing something else. You need to just have fun, let your hair down, and try not to feel so uptight or worried about everything going perfectly. This is a vacation, and there are no rules as to how you should spend it. Just enjoy yourself. #spon


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