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Tout Petite Tips For Visiting France

If you’re traveling to France this year or even the next, it’s worth looking at a few little tips that will ensure you have a smooth, relaxing vacation. For instance, you might want to learn a little of the local language before you get there. If you hit the tourist hot spots like Paris, then you’ll typically find anyone that you need to speak to is at least bilingual. However, if you can speak on their teams, you’ll find people are a lot more amicable. And, if you choose to go off the old beaten track on your adventure in France, you might find that there are shop owners who don’t speak English at all.


No time to learn a new language? No problem, you can get audio files. Play them just as you’re dozing off and you’ll be surprised by what you remember the next morning.


Here are a few other quick little tips for a wonderful trip to France

Checkout Disney?


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Whether you’re going as a couple, going with kids or by yourself, Disneyland is not to be missed. In fact this year they are celebrating an anniversary with new rides and a new spectacular light show. If you’re already in Paris, the park is only a thirty-minute train ride away. So, you could certainly make a day out of it.

Before You Go

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You might need to check out whether the new ETIA affects you. It probably will if you’re traveling to France from outside Europe and in a few years it will even be relevant to UK citizens. Basically, the European Travel Information and Authorisation System is a way to register for your right to visit a country in Europe on vacation when you need a visa. It’s a replica of the system that has been used by the USA for several years now, so if you’re familiar with that, there shouldn’t be any surprises here. It’s nothing but good news and makes getting permission to travel fast and easy.

Delve Into Myths

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I could fill this post with the must see and do things in places like Paris. But that list would typically be filled with well known spots like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre that you probably are already aware of. Instead, I’ll recommend that you check out the museum of myths hidden in the center of the city. There, you’ll find artifacts relating to demons, vampires and other mythical creatures as well as information that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. How cool is that?

Get Lost

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Or finally, how about getting lost in one of the most impressive mazes in the world. You’ll find it in Peaugres, and it’s called the Labyrinthe des Dragons. It’s a stunning creation that uses mirrors to make sure it will take you a good few hours to find your way back out again. It’s just one of the hidden wonders that lies in France for those who are eager to explore.

I hope you find the advice and tips useful when you’re heading over to the country of love, wine, and wonderful cuisine this year.



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