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Murad: A Different Approach To Beauty

As some of you may know I’m obsessed with skincare and constantly on the journey to perfect my ever changing skin.

The more I continue on my journey I meet different brands and staff and slowly learn more about how our skin changes all the time and how best to look after it. Your probably the same as me and think why are there so many different ways to cleanse and look after your skin and which one is right?

I was at my favourite House of Fraser in the Metrocentre for Beauty week and stumbled across Murad. It’s a brand I had never heard of before so thought id get to know it a little better.

I was so shocked by this brand that I’ve became slightly obsessed by it.

Murad are a cosmeceutical brand, which means unlike other brands you see in department stores, they go further!

Murad was created by Dr Murad who is an expert in the field and passed his knowledge to his staff are are passionate about teaching us about our skin. I have revisited the store over and over again and Rachael from the branch is always so passionate about teaching me new things about my skin as well as giving me pro tips!

In store they have the ‘Youth Cam’. This for me is the most amazing piece of technology I have seen. its high definition camera can look into the layers of your skin to analyse everything from wrinkles, to sun damage and dehydration. Basically, if your not sure what is going with your skin this camera will tell you.

No other brand has this and therefore they can see what is going on for your skin and target the problem areas directly. That, OR if if your problem is something that they are unable to fix but can assist with or point you in the right direction they will. For me for example, I had rosacea, if you look at the results the redness was my main area of concern. Rachael told me that this mainly comes from diet and its in the bloodstream. She told me they can help sooth my skin but I will need to potentially see a nutritionist for advice of bacteria and my diet. She was so right! and I wasn’t made to buy a thing yet left with so much more knowledge than I had before!

Murad cannot prescribe anything that goes into your deepest layer of skincare due to the law however their skincare is proven to reach the deepest layers of skin and their award winning products re used my many all over the world.

On my recent visit to the store I was treat to a facial to tackle to redness in my skin and dryness at the same time. they do free facials upon consultation but also have a room in the back where you can buy and have private more longer treatments which I am so excited to try. (psssss, the treatments are such a good price compared to other department stores that also have back room treatment areas for some reason, beats me)

While in store I was shown and given samples of the Retinal Youth Renewal Serum. This serum is basically Botox in a bottle. it aims to tackle anti aging, re surface, re texturize and even out your skin. A lot to live up to right! The serum attracts water so its ideal for dehydrated skin or even to keep it hydrated. I asked as my skin is sensitive is this would be bad for my skin but it’s not. In the past retinal was associated with a strong ingredient and not for young or sensitive skin however with the misconception, Retinol is beneficial for all skin types. For examples of proven results head into store or go online to see that 93% of people who tried they saw a remarkable difference!

I have said on many of my posts so far relating to skincare, do not go and buy a product without testing. The girls at this branch are fab and will also not let you do this without giving you a sample so don’t be shy and make sure its the right product for you!


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