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7 Must-See Engagement Ring Trends

When it comes to engagement rings, it is important to choose a design that will stand the test of time. After all, you are going to be wearing the ring on your finger for the rest of your life. It, therefore, seems somewhat ironic to discuss engagement ring trends. However, these are exciting new ring styles and trends that are set to make their mark on the industry for years and years to come. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the hottest trends in engagement ring jewellery at present.

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  1. Classic with a twist Classic engagement ring designs will always be popular, yet women are looking for something that is a little more unique without crossing the line between elegance and over-the-top. This is why we are seeing a lot of engagement rings appear on the market that has subtle twists. For example, the band could have diamonds in a twisted design, or the prongs could be twisted so that they fall in a different place to usual. It’s small changes that make a big difference.
  2. Square shaped diamonds – Recent celebrity engagements have highlighted the return to incorporating square shapes into engagement rings. Pippa Middleton’s Art Deco-inspired Asscher-cut ring is a perfect example of this.
  3. Knowing where your jewellery comes from – More and more people are becoming conscious about where their fashion comes from, and rightly so. This is particularly important when it comes to diamond engagement rings, as you want to ensure they are conflict-free. For this to be the case, buying from a reputable jeweller is a must. You will see that fewer people are taking risks when sourcing their jewellery.
  4. Rose gold – There is no denying the popularity of rose gold at the moment in the fashion industry, and this popularity has extended to engagement jewellery. It is flirty, fun, and ultra-feminine, and it is flattering on almost every skin tone.
  5. Twisted bands – Twisted bands have become exceptionally popular, no matter whether you go for a twisted band to complement a simpler engagement ring setting or you opt for a twisted shank on your engagement ring. You can buy Tacori rings online like this, and many other designers are embracing this style of engagement band. Not only does it look beautiful, but also many people believe that the design symbolizes the love of two people, joined and intertwined.
  6. Elevated vintage – What is old becomes brand new again with this trend. Established vintage jewellery looks are given a slight twist for a luxurious and distinctive ring that is guaranteed to turn heads.
  7. Iconic minimalist – Last but by no means least, iconic minimalistic styles are exceptionally popular at the moment. This is a trend that gives the nod to the 1960’s Mod fashion era. These are rings that feature a solitaire setting with one big center diamond and graduated side stones. This creates a stunning ring that isn’t too fussy.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea regarding the engagement ring trends that are hot right now, so that you feel better prepared when choosing the right one.



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