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Petite and Plus Size: Primark Summer Haul

Its all or nothing in Primark right?

You either go in with full intentions to buy loads of clothes that you need and find them all and more….OR you cant find a SINGLE THING!

This month I was lucky, I could have spent all day trying things on. You’ll know about my journey with The Fit Mumma on trying to loose weight but its also about confidence and I wanted to inject that into my blog.

All my life I’ve been the “little one” and plus size too. It does make it difficult to buy clothes as all the petite clothes are too small and the plus size clothes can be too big or long.

I wanted to bring you a post that shows off my style and what you can where being under 5ft and plus size that won’t swamp your body or be ill fitted (if that’s even a word) And the best part of this haul…. it was affordable!!!

Top £10

I picked this top because its a different shade from the ordinary block gingham but it also has the flared waist to hide where I carry most of my weight to makes me feel a little better about my shape.

I love this dress! The perfect summer colours and floral for only £13.00. It very lightweight and I adore the vintage feel about the dress. It has a nice hang to it and for me it goes to the knees hiding the top half of my legs, the perfect length, not too short. However it may be on taller people. As you can see below I paired this with my dusky pink blazer for a smart look, for a more dressed down look a cardigan would be fine if you want to cover your arms. Blazer £20.

Soooo many people have asked me if this is Zara. Can you believe its Primark. Its the same cotton they use at Zara so very lightweight and perfect for the summer. With embroidery too so very on trend. I bought this as a dress however again I’m sure it can be worn as a top if you not petite and plus size like myself.  For a bargain of £13.00.

Top £10.00. I am in LOVE with this colour. I started getting into a rut of wearing black or white all the time so this is something a little different for me. A perfect going out top and again, I’ve never worn the cut out shoulder trend. personally I think it looks a bit cheap but I really like it on this top. I really like the tailoring on this top too, you can see it pulls the waist in to give shape and definition whilst distracting from your belly and is the perfect cover for your arms however showing skin on your shoulders and really flattering.

The last outfit I put together was a little cheat. I bought this top from Tesco (£14.00) and paired it up with my jacket from Primark (above) to create another going out look. I love the contrast of the same colour but different shades and the embroidery within the top is subtle and elegant. Perfect for summer nights!

A big shout out to Katie Meehan for the photos!


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