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This Is Why Rural France Is Better Than City Sightseeing

This Is Why Rural France Is Better Than City Sightseeing

If it’s a person’s first time in mainland Europe, the staggering number of cultures, people, food, fashion, road rules, legal blunders, unfamiliar laws and even the politics can be almost too much to take in. France is quintessentially European, and some say in direct competition with Germany for being the icon of Europe itself; especially with Americans. Without a doubt, most holidaymakers, visit the City of Lights, also known as Paris. There’s so much on offer regarding the architecture, the staggering amount of history and important events that have occurred in the city. But that’s all well and good for the tourist who wants to unashamedly experience stereotypical France. However, like the old saying goes ‘if you want to know the people of a nation, talk to the farmers.’ This saying leads to the belief that the ‘true’ people of a country live in the countryside, away from the politics and metropolitan cities where cultures criss-cross over each other. In the country, the old-school is not old-school, so you should venture further into the woods without hesitation.

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Go as a group

Traversing across new lands is daunting at the best of times, especially if you’re planning an adventure in rural parts of France which don’t have many tourist information access points. The first thing you’ve got to think about is the base. Setting up a base from where everyone can meet up, possibly stay, shower and eat before going out sightseeing and exploring is crucial; logistically speaking. Chateau rental in France for tourists has sparked new life into buildings that would other be falling apart in need of desperate renovation. Chateaus are situated in the countryside and steeped in Medieval aristocrat history. The chateau itself provides high-class accommodation, food, leisure, and luxury.


Golfing is big in France

The countryside in France is vast with lots of golfing resorts and national parks with sublime landscapes and even better wildlife. The truth is, it’s totally up to you, there’s no main tourist attraction in the countryside because not many are willing to go outside their comfort zone and avoid large cities. The Paris International Golf Club holds some of the most important sporting tours in the world. The PGA Tour and the Europe versus America teams have both fought hard out on the green. You could coincide your trip with the resort by booking a round of golf on its world famous course.

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Agricultural tour

Paris is all the rage, but what about the surrounding fields? The farmers are the lifeblood of France, for they are the true heroes who grow the cheese and wine the country is so well known for. The fields around Paris are preserved as valuable cultural heritage as well as a commodity. Producers want to cultivate gourmet food and rear the best cattle for beef. On farming tours, you’ll feel this first hand with exclusivity at the heart of the experience. You’ll tour a farmer’s land, learn about their daily lives, talk to them personally, meet their wives and children and the best part; the tasting. For your money, you will taste authentic food, and eat traditional dishes passed down from generations. You’ll go wine tasting, pick the ripest fruit and berries to take home with you. Farmers also sell their crafted wares such as jams, pickled vegetables, cured meats such as artisan bacon and ciders.





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