Blonde Ambitions

Blonde Ambitions

It’s hard to keep up with hair trends, especially when you want them all!

I’ve had many colours over the years but the last 3 years I’ve let the bleach I had in my hair grow out to repair my hair before deciding what I was going to do next. I recommend this to everyone who regular changes their hair colour. It needs a rest every now and again!

So, I’ve been brunette for a while now and as summer approached I knew I wanted to go lighter.

I had highlights put in first to brighten my hair rather than doing it all at once. I’ve now been back and got blonde balyage as I still want my hair to get longer in length and don’t want to have to worry about getting my roots done all the time. I also wanted to keep a blonde but yet natural looking graduated effect.

The problem is that Bleach dries out your hair so I opted for protein shampoo and condition to put the strength back into the hair after the bleach damage. I also picked up the silver shampoo treatment toner to use once a week to keep my blonde BLONDE!

The protein Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to strengthen and restore my hair from the dame of the bleach and the results are great!

I am very happy with my results, I’m going to let my hair rest and recover from the bleach before trying anything new again….any recommendations?



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