What Should You Put In Your Back-To-School Bag After The Summer?

What Should You Put In Your Back-To-School Bag After The Summer?

Time flies, and it seems that only yesterday you were planning for the Christmas presents. Now it’s almost time to sit on the beach and enjoy your well-deserved summer holiday. For most kids, the summer is the time of the year where they enjoy thinking about going back to school, especially if this means getting new school furniture, or even a new school uniform – they might enjoy the lessons too, but let’s be honest, they are probably more excited about a brand new school bag than sitting in class and taking notes. The period after the summer holiday is always full of excitement because it has the potential to bring so much new. But why should it only be for the benefit of kids? You too can think about what you’d like to have in your back-to-school bag.

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New Style, New You, Same Budget

When you are back from your summer break is the best time of the year to redefine your style. Whether you are tired of your hairstyle or you want to spice up your beauty makeup box, it’s time to think about what you want to change. From ordering exciting new makeup from a beauty supply store online to looking out for discounts to embrace the new fashion trends, the advantage of starting early means that you can plan your new style within your budget. Additionally, you can also think of accessorising your favourite pieces with a new belt or a new pair of earrings. It’s a change but at a low cost!

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Travel Book For Fall’s Holiday

When most people tend not to plan past the summer holiday, you could seize the opportunity to check out some low-cost breaks for the Autumn half-term holiday. Rural France, for instance, is still enjoyable at this time of the year and is full of yummy treats and authentic people, without the crowd of tourists. Besides, the hotel and travel prices fall after the summer so that you can plan safely: you won’t be breaking the bank. If France isn’t your thing, have you considered Spain or Portugal? They enjoy warm temperatures until mid-November – not summer-like, but it is still around 20C – and have a lot of charm in the late Autumn’s sun. It will make an ideal break before the Christmas stress begins.

Remember Happy Memories

Can there be anything more pleasant than keeping a happy memory from your latest holiday? A reminder of the good time can give you strength until the next break. Some people like to keep their pictures on their phone. But you can be a little more creative and keep a souvenir of your summer holiday destination in your handbag. A pretty shell found on the beach would be perfect morosity-catcher, for example – it’s like a dream-catcher, but it only catches dark thoughts and burns them with its sunny memories. Or, if you’re an avid crafter, you could collect pebbles on the beach and paint them later. It’s a little handful of happiness to fight off the rainy days in Autumn.

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